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Tenet on Prime: Tweets to read before you decide to watch the movie

After a selective release in theatres, makers have released Tenet on Prime Video. And well, people can’t seem to keep calm. There is absolutely no doubt that Christopher Nolan is one of a kind director. His films do have a separate fan base, and time and again, he does manage to leave people in shock. While it is the actors who drive the films, it is the filmmakers who drive the narration.

Nolan is known for directing certain kinds of movies, right from Memento to Interstellar, there is something about him. While he does have an edge over so many others, he is also at the receiving end of flak. All of his films have been met with mixed reactions, for obvious reasons of course. And now that Tenet is on Prime, people are talking about it all over again. Something that can also be recalled is how Tenet IMDb rating is an average one, which may not align with reviews.

With the release of Tenet on Prime Video, netizens are going absolutely berserk. While some are trying to make sense of it, some have dissed the movie altogether. All those people who were upset about not having watched the film in theatres are now relieved as it is streaming on Prime Video. Since so many people have been waiting for it, exactly that many people have a lot to say.

Now, if you are one of those people who is also considering to watch Tenet on Prime, you may want to read what people are talking about it. As predictable as it gets, the film has extreme reactions. Since the movie is now open to a larger audience, there is more that people have to speak about it. For the record, Tenet IMDb rating is a decent 7.5 on 10.

Check out the tweets post the release of Tenet on Prime Video here:

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Well, some of the people are having an absolute field day on Twitter. Meanwhile, a handful of people are glad to have watched the craft of Nolan, and having understood it, even if it is in parts.

Have you watched Tenet on Prime Video yet?

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