The Big Bull review: Abhishek Bachchan’s roar trumps Harshad Mehta’s story


The Big Bull
The Big Bull on Disney+Hotstar narrates the tale of stockbroker Hemant Shah, and while there is not much happening, there still is a lot happening throughout the film. With too much of Bollywood going here, this may or may not be a great watch.

The Big Bull on Disney+Hotstar is now streaming. For the unversed, it narrates the story of Hemant Shah, a stockbroker who goes on to go places, all on his own. What started off with dreaming big, doesn’t really end big. Nonetheless, there’s a lot that goes on throughout the movie, and not all is good.

Before talking about The Big Bull review, there are some questions that I’d pose. These are probably answers that those who have watched both Scam 1992 and The Big Bull may answer better. Is it fair to give Hemant Shah the tag of a hero, or is he a criminal? What do we do when there is not enough to prove either? As for The Big Bull, it tries to make him look like the ‘messiah’ of the middle-class! And just maybe, that is why it doesn’t strike the chord that we thought it could.

Abhishek Bachchan takes on the titular role of the Big Bull in this movie. While we all know the story behind Harshad Mehta and how the 90s saw one of India’s biggest scams, the movie highlights something else. Throughout the film, not once, do we see the makers showing Hemant as a criminal. Instead, we see him as just another businessman, who finds a loophole but fails to remain hidden. In fact, Shah’s lawyer, Mr. Mirchandani (Ram Kapoor), also briefly hints at how you can do just about anything in India. However, Shah’s only fault was that he got caught. Apart from Bachchan, The Big Bull cast also includes Sohum Shah, Nikita Dutta, and Ileana Dcruz in pivotal roles. Among the supporting cast of The Big Bull, there is Kapoor, along with Supriya Pathak, Saurabh Shukla, and a bunch more.

Watch the trailer before reading more on The Big Bull review:

Moving on with this The Big Bull review, we must talk about the performances. Bachchan has given a great performance given he is doing what the script says! The real problem with the film lies in its writing. The 90s and the 80s have some beautiful visuals and we love the look and feel. We are disappointed that this could have been a better film with a cast like that, but it isn’t an absolute disaster either.

Nikita does a decent job as Shah’s wife while the supporting cast does own the screens for as long as they are there. As for Sohum Shah, we all know his capability and hence the expectations. He does what he is asked to do, which isn’t a lot. Honestly, a lot about this movie lies in the fact that we expected better, and it did not come through. Pratik Gandhi’s Scam 1992 should hold the blame for the expectations though!

A lot of things are wrong with the film, yet, it does its job in terms of what it set out to. Though not everyone agrees of Hemant as a hero, the movie may tickle your biases to its benefit. As for The Big Bull movie review, it is too many things it shouldn’t be. However, it still isn’t not worth it. A casual investment here, wouldn’t do you much good, but not harm either!

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PS: There’s a reason why not a lot has been mentioned about Gandhi’s Scam 1992, but let’s just watch it with a fresh perspective!

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