The Married Woman review: The show counts for one of ALT Balaji’s finest


The Married Woman
The Married Woman narrates the story of Aastha (Ridhi Dogra) and how her life undergoes a 360-degree change at various levels. The web series on ALT Balaji also features Monica Dogra in the leading role, and while there is more to it than just a love story, it also explores many other topics in a subtle but powerful manner.

Reviews of The Married Woman have been pouring in and fans seem to be in absolute awe. The ALT Balaji show narrates the story of Aastha (Ridhi Dogra) who seems to have been stuck. While she is married to Hemant (Suhaas Ahuja) and is bracing herself for a life she doesn’t want, a lot happens. One after the other, Aastha rediscovers herself and that is when we see a revelation come through.

The other story in The Married Woman is that of Piplika (Monica Dogra) and Eijaz (Imaad Shah). While they both are dealing with their own struggles due to their religion, a lot more goes on once Aastha enters their lives. Eventually, things unravel at their own pace, and that is when they get interesting.

Having read some rave reviews of The Married Woman, it is The Married Woman cast that must be hailed. The story is not something that is totally out of the box, but it is presented beautifully. With the various layers that the show encompasses, we are in absolute awe after all. Ridhi and Monica are the leading women of the movie and they have done a great job at it. So many instances from the series stay long after the episode ends, and forever etched in our hearts.

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Much like the so many of The Married Woman reviews, we’d like to praise the leads as well. However, the writing deserves just as much credit for it doesn’t deepen any existing stereotypes. While there’s a lot that the show explores in terms of politics and homosexuality, it also sheds light on patriarchy. The social scheme that women are forced into, is one that is often not what they want.

Over the due course of the 10 episodes of The Married Woman, we see things that might go unnoticed in everyday life. However, it is the emphasis on those things from time to time that adds quality to the show. Many may find that the ALT Balaji show doesn’t bring anything new, but the fact is that it does, and it does so with a strong impact.

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