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The mystery behind all those fake WandaVision commercials decoded?

WandaVision started off in a rather mysterious dimension right now, and though questions remain, there are more also! It looks like a theory around WandaVision is in the making already. If you are guessing what is it about, then you must recall the WandaVision commercials!

The WandaVision commercial in the first episode is that for a toaster that comes from Stark Industries. When it beeps after it’s done, one is likely to be reminded of the countdown to a bomb explosion, referring to Wanda’s story. Her parent’s died during a bombing and the second one never went off. Well, quite interesting indeed!

The next WandaVision commercial is for a Strucker, which brings us back to the Age of Ultron once again. The Hydra scientist was none other than Baron Strucker, performing experiments leading to deaths. However, for Vanda and Pietro, things changed for good and they got their superpowers. Now, if that’s not just about enough, both the commercials feature the same actors, dressed in a black suit. Interestingly, these two don’t appear in the show anywhere, but they are there and that directs us to what could it possibly be? Is it something to do with how they have landed in the situation they are or is there more?

More importantly, we know very little about the actual situation from these WandaVision commercials after all. What is all the more interesting is how there have been hints at how things might get dark, or they already are. Oh, and we all know how things have been with Agnes, especially those devil references as well. So many references to wrap our heads around, but well, things are about to get interesting after all!

We were also introduced to Mephisto, the demon who is interested in the twins of Wanda and Vision. While that is another mystery we are yet to solve, it looks like that is another track that we might see being explored ahead.

So joining the dots, if everything were to make sense, probably, all those commercials in WandaVision, is that Mephisto? What is it really continues to be a question after all!

WandaVision is now streaming on Disney+Hostar!

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