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Friday, April 16, 2021

The Power on ZeePlex might not be worth your money

The Power on ZeePlex is one of the latest films to have come under the ax of as stereotypical as a drama can get. The cast of The Power is rather interesting with a handful of wonderful characters. With Vidyut Jammwal and Shruti Haasan in the lead role, it also features Mahesh Manjrekar, Medha Manjrekar, Jisshu Sengupta, and a handful of others.

Mahesh Manjrekar has directed this intense action drama, but it isn’t all that intense as it gets. While the sheer fact that he helms the movie is ought to make it better, that is exactly where it fails. One tends to hope that he will bring something new on board, but it doesn’t. Hindi movie The Power goes on for about two and a half hours and yet, there’s little newness to offer.

Talk about the story of The Power of ZeePlex, it is what any love story between two arch-rivals could possibly be. Vidyut plays Devi, the son of Kalidas (Mankrekar) while Shruti is Pari, the daughter of Anwar, but things get rather ugly. Shail, Devi’s sister in law is not a fan of how close the Thakurs are to her family, and that is when the mess seems to begin.

The trailer of The Power came out on ZeePlex a couple of days ago and garnered quite the views. It had people raving about the chemistry, among other things, and also praise the action sequences. In addition, the song from the film, O Saiyaan also came out a day ago and has won the hearts of many.

Among other actors, the cast of The Power includes Jisshu Sengupta, Prateik Babbar, Sachin Khedekar, and Sudhanshu Pandey as well. With what could have been quite the blockbuster, it soon becomes a done and dusted story. Interestingly, this movie does seem to have an edge in terms of the issues that it deals with. However, the approach and premises are as typical as they can get.

Now, while we might want to give the story of the ZeePlex film some credit, it seems to lack something. Showing marriage between someone who is hinted as gay to a girl is shown beautifully but has a different story to tell. It is interesting how though the story of The Power falters, the performances still are top-notch.

For starters, the cast of The Power is lead by Vidyut’s great great performance, powered by great music. It is at the heart of the narrative that The Power fails to draw attention. None the less, one can notice certain efforts that have gone into making this one different. But alas, it did not turn out to be enough.

Twitter and the media community also has a lot to add. Some might agree about stereotypes being imposed with this one, some have harsher reviews. None the less, fans are all for watching The Power on ZeePlex for the love of Jammwal, than criticize it for the story. Check out some of the reactions here:

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