Tisca Chopra’s short film Rubaru is a beautiful narration on not just showbiz, but also women

Tisca Chopra, who has worked in two other short films earlier, has made her directorial debut with Rubaru.

Tisca Chopra’s short film Rubaru marks her debut as a director, and writer. While we are hooked to every single second of the short, it does narrate what is the bigger picture of women and showbiz. Tisca plays Radha, who is an actor playing an actor, who is a writer.

Over the due course, we see Tisca’s absolutely brilliant performance, clubbed with some mindblowing writing. While Tisca has drawn inspiration from an interview of Meryl Streep, where she spoke about being worried about finding roles, there are layers to the short. These layers eventually begin making sense when we look at the smaller pictures that make the bigger one.

Check out the trailer of Tisca Chopra’s short film, Rubaru here:

Well, there are moments that make the viewers wonder how fine is the line between real and reel life. However, it is through one of the moments in the short that we know the answer – acting. We are never shown the reality of reel life, for they are concealed and well-hidden, to say the least.

None the less, at a time when we need to talk about mental health, among other things, this short film is a great step towards it. Not just about showbiz at larger, but Tisca Chopra’s short film also has a lot to do with the plight of women in this business. We often wonder just how cinema or content has become progressive, but we don’t stop seeing them through the male gaze.

Rubaru is a short film that hits right where the chords lie, the harder ones to strike, if we may add. There’s not a lot going on for there aren’t too many people, and yet it creates quite the impact. With Rubaru, Chopra has made a subtle but not so light attempt and unveiling some truths, and put them out, beautifully so!

Here is the review of Rubaru based on the twitter reaction:

Rubaru - Twitter Verdict
The twitter reaction overall for the shortfilm is overwhelmingly positive.

Here is the summary of the Twitter reaction on the short film.

Twitter Reaction Rubaru

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