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To All The Boys 3: Lara, Noah pen heartfelt letters as they bid goodbye

To All The Boys 3 is indeed the much talked about films right now, and all the fans are currently waiting with bated breaths. The first-ever part of the movie was an absolute hit with the audiences and the second part received a mixed response. To All The Boys on Netflix will release on February 12. The trailer of film too, was received very well.

The To All The Boys sequel sure has been special for so many people, and it continues to have a special place in everyone’s hearts. Returning as Lara and Peter are Lana Condor and Noah Centineo, respectively. And now, in a video shared by Netflix are adorable letters they wrote for each other.

Noah went gushing and said, ”We exchanged letters a month ago, you know, it was so kind. It was just lovely. But I think Lana and I… I think we’ll always be in each other’s lives, and I think we got very lucky. I certainly feel extremely lucky to have worked with her.”

Check out the video of the lovelies from To All The Boys 3 that Netflix shared:

Following this, we see how Lana has more to say, and well, we are sure in awe of both of them here. Now, this also leads us to the question as to what is in store with the sequel that To All The Boys: Always and Forever is. Meanwhile, Lana also spoke about the letters and revealed their favourite memories she has stored in the letters. They both have developed a friendship that is one of its kind and they always have each other’s back.

It is only a matter of time that we will see how it ends for these to lovebirds from To All The Boys: Always and Forever. Comments on the post seem to be totally blowing up and everyone is rather emotional while also overwhelmed.

Things are about to come to a close with this final To All The Boys sequel! And well, all we can do is bet that everyone is pumped up just as much! With Valentine’s just around the corner, this could be the perfect watch, couldn’t it?

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