To All The Boys Always and Forever review: It has clichés but a wholesome watch


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To All The Boys Always and Forever is the third part in the series and with this, comes to an end, the story of Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky. With their own highs and lows, the movie makes for a wholesome watch, and we are all hearts.

To All The Boys Always and Forever is not streaming on Netflix. If I had an option, I would have waited it out to watch this film on Valentine’s Day, but today seemed better. It is the season of love and the weekend has just begun, so what better way to spend it?

For most of us, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, the first part, was a watch by chance. But not many knew that we were in for a treat. Noah Centineo and Lana Condor have taken the lead roles for the film, with a lot more happening otherwise. While the second part received mixed reviews, the final To All The Boys Part 3, is a cute treat.

Over the due course of the two films, we witnessed Lara fall in love, have a breakup, get confused, but ultimately, it all fell into place. As for To All The Boys part 3, it starts with her having a gala time on vacation with her sisters. While she is sure on the edge as she is chasing a dream, keeping up with her final year in high-school, and her love life. Lara then finds out that she might be going to a college far away from Peter’s. And well, that is our cue to what will be a long-distance relaitonship for the two.

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An interesting aspect that must be mentioned in the To All The Boys Always and Forever review is the evolution. Over the two films, a lot has happened. We saw how there is a lot of love in the first film, and some confusion follows in the next. We cannot deny the fact that with Always and Forever, the franchise has further deepened some of the cliches. However, these cliches are also adorable. In fact, with the LDR angle, there is only more to the To All The Boys and Forever sequel.

None the less, these cliches are also ones that we enjoy, and for more reasons than one. The current internet generation will relate to it the most and almost all of it. And if you ask us, most of the credit for our love towards the film goes to Lana and Noah. Together, the two have managed to make the movie so relatable, and yet, they have layers to it.

Talking about To All The Boys Always and Forever, and watching it might feel like two different things. When you are at it, the movie feels like an experience, for some, it is more of what they have lived. However, for a majority of people, it is about what they are living and what they are about to. Further, the movie also manages to serve as an inspiration in a sense. It does make us want to believe in ourselves, to be more us, and to be more decisive. We witness Lara and Peter’s relationship mature, and for good.

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