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Monday, April 12, 2021

Trailer of Madam Chief Minister sees Richa Chadha own the screen

The trailer of Madam Chief Minister is out now, and it has decent reviews. When the post of the Richa Chadha starrer first came out, it did leave many angry. The portrayl of the Dalit community has been questionable in Bollywood for a long time. And hence, it was only obvious that the film would receive backlash for the stereotypes.

None the less, one can safely say that with the trailer of Madam Chief Minister, the makers have managed to downplay them. The political drama is definitely one to look forward to. Written and directed by Shubhash Kapoor, it also stars Saurabh Shukla, Manav Kaul, and Akshay Oberoi in lead roles.

The story traces the journey of a young woman who makes her way into politics. In no time, she only rises above and beyond, thereby making her unstoppable. Richa does manage to stir up quite a few emotions within us, and how!

Check out the trailer of Madam Chief Minister right here:

The trailer ends with Richa Chadha delivering a powerful dialoge. She says – “Tumhari awaaz uthane se, Tumhari seva karne se, Duniya ki koi takaat nahi rok sakti.” It is the little elements that make the trailer rather strong, and also adding subtle layers to it. The last time something did catch attention on similar lines was Article 15. The Anubhav Sinha film did grab a lot of attention, even though it did receive a little criticism. None the less, we are hoping for this movie to work some magic too.

With the trailer of Madam Chief Minister out now, there’s good cinema we are hoping comes out of it. It is a Kangra Talkies production and is produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Naren Kumar & Dimple Kharbanda. The movie is slated to hit the theatres on January 22, 2021.

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