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Tribhanga Trailer: Kajol takes center stage as the Netflix film narrates the story of women

Tribhanga sees Tanvi Azim, Kajol, and Mithila Palkar take on the pivotal roles to narrate the story of women.

The Tribhanga trailer is out now, and if anything, it is one of the most interesting stories that there could be. Kajol takes on the role of an Odissi dancer, actor, Anu. While there are various layers to her role, we also see glimpses of a few other shades and characters. Directed by Renuka Shahane, Tribhanga is produced by Ajay Devgn.

As it takes on the journey of what defines three women who are ‘Tedhi Medhi Crazy’, we sure have our eyes set on the film. The movie is slated for a release on Netflix on January 15. In about 2 minutes, we see how Kajol is, who she is, and more. While the opening scene does leave us confused, we are then shown how she talks to a reporter about her life. At first, she describes Tanvi Azim, her mother, as Abhanga, someone who is weird. However, she is also super intelligent when it comes to writing. Then comes her daughter-in-law Mithila, who plays Masha, Sambhganga – someone who is balanced. And finally, she describes herself as Tribhanga, which is a pose in Odissi dance form.

Check out the Tribhanga trailer here:

In the Tribhanga trailer, we also see Kunaal Roy Kapur take on the role of a friend of Tanvi. During the trailer, we are shown the struggles Kajol has had, all because of her mother. She says that she did not feel safe in her own house and her mother is to be blamed. We also see a rather sweet moment between the two when her mother is in the hospital.

As three women from three different generations come together, the Tribhanga trailer only gets interesting. Apart from all these feelings that the movie invokes, it does a fair job at balancing it all out. Even though there are so many feelings and so many questions it raises, the movie is the final pit stop we await.

Something that I am looking forward to the most is how much justice does the movie does to the trailer we saw.

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