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Twitter calls for ‘Boycott Eros Now’ after Navratri posts, but what about the Boycott on casual sexism?

There is absolutely no denying that netizens take offense to just about everything. However, putting aside all biases, some of them are right and also much needed. None the less, it still raises a question about many other things. For instance, after its recent sexist Navratri posts, Twitter has taken to trend Boycott Eros Now on social media. However, isn’t there so much more to it?

While the boycott did stem out of something that might or might not be valid, it is needed. With all the outrage online, Eros Now did go on to issue an apology and eventually take down the post. None the less, it does not solve the problem of just how we have made sexist remarks as casual as ever. From Whatsapp forwards to the elders at family gatherings, what we oppose online is deeply rooted in our own homes.

One of the posts saw Salman Khan with a caption that read: You need a dandi to play dandiya. I have one. Another one had Katrina Kaif in a yellow saree that said: Do you want to put the ‘ratri’ in my Navratri?. It was not long that Twitter lost it and well, these pickup lines did pick up on the wrong foot.

Here are some tweets calling for Boycott Eros Now:



Though it might have started off with different intentions, irrespective of the religion, the nature of these posts is highly uncomfortable. While we all call for a boycott of the platform, we also need to be equally vocal about such remarks within our circle. For the longest time now, we have all been talking about it, but not many have done a lot about it.

While the trend of the boycott is indeed never-ending, some have a deeper meaning to them. However, we often overlook those aspects because they come from people we know. While Boycott Eros Now has already become a thing, we must also call for a boycott of the selective outrage. Probably the next time we see someone make a creepy remark or a friend pull off a sexist joke, we should speak up, if not call for a boycott!

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