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Monday, April 12, 2021

Twitter digs a scene from Article 15 as it talks ‘Dalit Lives Matter’

After the Black lives matter movement, Dalit lives matter has taken over social media. While the existence of caste system is no secret to a country like India, it has now left everyone outraged. After a heinous crime like that of the Hathras rape case, the caste system has only become the topic of discussion once again.

While everyone has been vocal about what happened, very little is being done despite what is being said about it. The issue of women’s safety continues to be a concern, but now, there are more layers to it. Caste-based violence is among the so many of them. While it is not limited to one gender, statistics have it that they are relatively more against women.

At a time when Dalit lives matter is an important conversation, netizens have expressed their concerns in various ways. In light of the recent events, a scene from Article 15 has been doing the rounds; And well, it rightly explains everything that is wrong with the issue of caste bias in the country, or anywhere else.

Check out the scene from Article 15 here:

With the ongoing conversation around Dalit lives matter, this scene highlights something much more. While Ayushmann’s character is in absolute disgust at the conversation, to the rest, it comes across as rather normal. However, the matter of the fact is, it isn’t. If anything, caste bias is not even correct and unconstitutional.

By definition, Article 15 of the Indian Constitution prohibits discrimination of Indians on basis of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth. However, one cannot deny that not only does it exist. However, it continues to be deeply rooted in the minds of many. And, it is the orthodox thinking of this kind that in fact, leads to caste base crimes, among others.

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