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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Uncommon Sense with Saloni looks at everything on the surface instead of digging deeper

Uncommon Sense with Saloni is now live on Sony Liv and it did not make too great of a first expression. However, it might seem too early to lay out any kind of judgments just yet. The first episode was 18-minutes long and while it follows a regular stand-up format, it does attempt to play with the content.

None the less, in what can be called a rather surprising turn of events, content is what is both the strength and weakness. While the issues that she raises are those that are needed to be spoken about, it also feels like a drag. All that we’ve been talking about the whole of lockdown is spoken about, but not with a new perspective.

Have a look at the trailer of Uncommon Sense with Saloni here:

While we don’t want to rule the show out as something you don’t want to watch. However, it could have gotten better at various places. What seems to be a put off is how there are just as many jokes as there are topics. While the idea here is to pick serious topics and accompany them with punches, something seems to be amiss.

Some of the issues that have been spoken about seem to have been reduced to just punchlines. Instead of leaving the viewers thinking, it just tries to make them laugh. With the number of writers working on Uncommon Sense with Saloni, one does expect better. However, that only seems to be more significant here because we know what she does, brilliantly so.

What’s left to see is how she rises beyond ‘unemployment and students’ and what topics are in store. While one might think that this could be a result of commercialization, we are hoping for better. Right from Nazma Aapi skits to everything else, we’d like to see more of her original content sans the forced puns.

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