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Varun Khullar India’s first wheelchair-bound DJ

A man from Delhi fuelled up his life through disability. Meet India’s first wheelchair-bound DJ Varun Khullar in an exclusive talk with Platocast.

A Delhi based, 29-year-old is known as Amish is a renowned DJ. He met with an accident when he was just 24 years old. This accident made him suffer a spinal cord injury which led him to bound on a wheelchair.

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In Conversation with Varun Khullar

Even after a spinal injury, which left him wheelchair-bound, Varun Khullar became India’s first differently-abled DJ.

Posted by Platocast on Thursday, September 17, 2020

The incident has made him strong and he believes that the accident has made him the person who he is today.

He soon chose to follow his dream and started reaching out to the DJ Academies but was refused for his disability. Later he got an opportunity to pursue the course as an electronic music DJ/producer from ILM Academy, Gurgaon and Point Blank Music School, London.

Varun said, “Before the accident, I was into Deejaying. Since my childhood, I was interested in music and was very connected to it.”

“The only thought I had in mind after I had an accident was to become a DJ. I went through depression and anxiety but music has healed me”.

He was inspired by Sir Paul Johnson who is yet another renowned wheelchair-bound DJ in American. Now, Varun Khullar stands as the World’s second differently-abled DJ.

He also had to suffer difficulty in finding work where he almost looked it for 6-7 months.

“You may have 100 reasons not to do something, but if you have even 1 reason to do it. You will be able to do it,” Varun said.

He played at some venues for free but soon with the help of Keshav Suri, owner of the Lalit Group of Hotels Varun is now a DJ of Delhi’s Kitty Su and has started festivals like Timeout 72 and BudX.

He said, ” The incident has given me courage all together to do a lot of things. It was a challenging journey.”

Varun said, ” If you, do something and get joy through it and that is the most precious thing. I don’t regret anything as I got to learn a lot. This accident has led me to learn a lot. If there is no difficulty, there is no positivity in life. If you see success, you witness failure too,”

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