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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Vilification of Bollywood: Twitter stands divided about the intent of the lawsuit

For a while, the vilification of Rhea Chakraborty was opposed by many in power, and those on social media. However, it took the actress’ bail for the conversation to move to the vilification of Bollywood. Over the last few hours, the lawsuit filed by Bollywood producers along with unions has made it to the headlines. The case has been filed in Delhi HC for ‘irresponsible reporting’.

The lawsuit has been filed against  Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami and Pradeep Bhandari, along with Times Now’s Navika Kumar and Rahul Shivshankar. While they have been at the forefront in giving away updates around all things Bollywood, their selection of words continues to be a problem. In fact, it is one of the things that pose a problem to those who have filed the lawsuit in the first place.

Apart from having used words like ‘druggies’, ‘dirt’, ‘scum’, among others, a lot has been said. Statements like ”all the perfumes of Arabia cannot take away the stench and the stink of this filth and scum of the underbelly of Bollywood” have been used. And all of this, when summed up, has been called out as the vilification of Bollywood.

None the less, netizens feel is that in the name of what they call a smear campaign, it isn’t that. If anything, arguments continue online on who is at fault here. While some point out how their association with ‘The Times Group’ will continue, some have other concerns. At the end of it all, the bigger question is how credible is this lawsuit or is that just another campaign to clear Bollywood’s name?

Check out some of the tweets here:

As has been stated in the lawsuit, it clearly highlights in what ways has the goodwill been harmed. If anything, it does affect the livelihoods of many. The lawsuit states: The livelihood of persons associated with Bollywood is being severely impacted by the smear campaign being run by the defendants. Is this more than just about the vilification of Bollywood?

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