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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Vir Das’ stand-up video on Freedom of SPEECHes is everything you need to hear today

Vir Das is back with another of his videos for the Ten on Ten series. Comedian Vir Das totally aced it with his video on all things religion, and the next one just got better. At a time when everything about Freedom of speech is questionable, his newest series hits home. Vir Das’ stand-up video on ‘Freedom of SPEECHes’ is what we all need to see today. This series is available on Vir Das’ Youtube and there are 8 more videos yet to be out.

One of the viral lines from the said video that has taken over aptly puts together the current scenario. He says: Anywhere else in the world, it’s a stand-up. In India, it’s a set-up. If you ask us, we don’t think anyone could have put it any better. We all remember one of the recent arrests that took place, don’t we? Oh, and Vir Das’ stand-up video has a spin to that as well.

Taking a dig at poverty in the country, he also spoke about intermittent fasting. Among other things, he also spoke about historic figures, calling them the OG influencers. And one of the people he also spoke about was none other than our own PM, Narendra Modi. His observations are indeed spot on and one might want to go give him a hi-5 to just that.

Check out the stand-up video on ‘Freedom of SPEECHes’ in the Ten on Ten series here:

In Vir Das’ stand-up video on ‘Freedom of SPEECHes’, he has also touched upon oppression, and how it is not a joke after all. And in his stand-up series Ten on Ten, he has addressed such issues and many more. In fact, the truth bombs that he put together, are those we sure want to hear. At a time when comedians are said to be spreading an agenda, he makes it clearer as to what is it really.

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