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WandaVision season finale leaves Twitterverse overwhelmed

The season finale for WandaVision truly turned out to be an absolutely emotional ride and fans seem to agree. Read more on Platocast.

The WandaVision season finale has taken the internet by storm. From the looks of it, fans are sure in for a treat and well, also satisfied. The season finale for WandaVision truly turned out to be an absolutely emotional ride, giving Wanda the right direction. (if we may say)

CAUTION: There could be spoilers!

The WandaVision season finale sees a fight between Wanda and Agatha Harkness. Meanwhile, Wanda is seen mentioning how her power works on the outside. This leads to Agatha taunting her, and it all then gets interesting. Following that, a duel happens between the two Visions and it sure is a subtle reminder of Superman vs Zod.

A lot of things transpire over the due course, and finally, Wanda needs to make peace with Vision and the loss of her children. In the end, we see a rather emotional moment between Wanda and Vision about the latter. With so much happening, one can definitely feel like an emotional overload, and Twitterverse is doing exactly that.

Some reactions on Twitter about the WandaVision season finale are as hilarious as they can get!

I think we all need at least a day to recover from this overwhelming WandaVision season finale, don’t we? But also, we need strength to wait for all the time that Marvel has planned until the next films!

As for the post-credit scene, we are shown Wanda staying alone and cut to, we see Wanda’s astral form i.e. Doctor Stranger. What he is reading is Darkhold (you know if you know) while there are cries of the twins heard as well. A lot of Tweets have a lot of things to say, and you might too, if you’ve seen the final episode. And now, the wait remains!

All in all, though one might feel like they’ve not seen a lot, they have, in fact, seen a lot. What now awaits the Marvel fans is the upcoming Doctor Stanger movie, among other things! Oh, what these Marvel films do to the light-hearted.

WandaVision season finale premiered today on Diseny+ Hostar Premium.

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