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Friday, April 16, 2021

Watch: Canadian man does bhangra after getting vaccinated for COVID-19

A man named Gurdeep Pandher shared a video of doing the bhangra over a frozen lake in Yukon, Canada after he got vaccinated.

This pandemic has not only distressed us mentally but also affected our well-being. So to make your day light-hearted and joyful, here is something that you really need to watch right now. It’s a viral video of a man named Gurdeep Pandher who is doing the bhangra over a frozen lake in Yukon, Canada. Want to know the reason behind his celebration? Well, Gurdeep got a Covid-19 vaccine shot. At first, he had just posted a video of him smiling on his Youtube channel but later he posted a video of him dancing on his Twitter account.

And soon netizens also started reacting to it too!

Don’t forget to share your dance video after you get vaccinated too!

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Mayuresh Patil
My Instagram says I am silent-ink, My Facebook says I am a Newsy Guy. And My Gmail says I am an Utter Chaos. To sum up, a combination of Creativity + Simplicity. Also, never underestimate the power of words.

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