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A Suitable Boy Review: Mira Nair lives up to her name, but with some fallacies

As is known already, A Suitable Boy is a novel adaptation of a book by the same name. While it is absolutely thought-provoking to think of how it transpires on-screen, Mira Nair does it beautifully. Those who haven’t read the book will know more about this mini-series through the A Suitable Boy review.

For starters, we must talk about the cast that the film boasts of including Tanya Maniktala, Tabu, Ishaan Khatter, Namit Das, Ram Kapoor, Vinay Pathak, Vijay Varma, Ranvir Shorey, and more. While the original is in English, it might put you a little off the hook due to the accent. Meanwhile, the film is set at a time when we were just understanding the newly acquired Independence.

The story is that of Lata Mehra, whose mom wants her to marry a suitable boy. And for that, she has three suitors, each of a kind. On the other hand, there is Maan, the son of a politically influential man (Ram). He seems to fall in love with a courtesan. It is no surprise as to the bold topics that it deals with, but at the end of it all, marriage is the key.

Before reading the A Suitable Boy review further, check the trailer:


Though everything that the film narrates is not a total reflection of the book, this A Suitable Boy review too, is just a gist of what we see. For instance, we have been shown the city of Calcutta in a rather typical fashion. Among other things, it also sees female stereotypes being only rooted further. However, it is picturesque to see all of that happen, courtesy Nair.

A Suitable Boy review won’t be complete without enough credit for the performances. Every single character has layers, and there are a little too many. Though we wanted to see more of Tabu, Tanya is an absolute Queen and there is no denying that. Ishaan, Kapoor, Namit Das, and others also pull off a decent job here.

While the mini-series is not a perfect watch and despite the rich premise, it doesn’t seem like a very suitable fit for Indian viewers. The accent, the portrayal of Indians, are just a few things that might irk some of us. However, those who are irked otherwise will also see how there are also contemporary issues that have been hidden in the form of scenes and moments.

The series may or may not be the perfect watch for many, but it has been done to please the eye, maybe also a section of the society. However, with all those things as well, the nature of the series seems one that is not meant for a run of the mill OTT watching audience.

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