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Monday, April 12, 2021

Poison 2 review: An underrated mystery thriller that you could binge on this weekend

For those who have seen the first season, know what went through. However, many have been waiting for a while now and it took longer for the new season. None the less, our Poison 2 review won’t take as long as the series! Originally slated for an April release, the lockdown lead to a delay. None the less, many might find it a worthy wait after all!

As is known already, the Josh team comprises of Sara (Raai Laxmi), her husband Harsh (Zain Imam) and her brother Oscar (Vin Rana). Meanwhile, they are trying to win the race-course as they own a team themselves. Just then, we have another team owner in the form of Aditya (Aftab Shivdasani). All of them are filled with cliches and it is no surprise as to how everything follows.

While Aditya extends an offer to Sara, the other two men are rather uncomfortable about it and don’t trust him. That is when the investigation regarding Aditya stars and Oscar unearths the unthinkable. He was killed by Tony? Well, it only makes things complicated and now, this mystery unearths what is in store after all. Is it a secret or is it darker, or could it be both?

Before you read the Poison 2 review further, check out the trailer:

While that is the gist of the story, this 11-episode second season keeps you hooked somehow. For a major part of the episodes, you wouldn’t know what is in store or you will be left second-guessing whatever you thought might happen. The story and writing move at a pace that is not boring but also makes you want to bing on it.

A Poison 2 review won’t be complete without mentioning just how everyone has lived up to their performance. When a second season is made, one has expectations, and this one has lived up to it. Every single actor has given their best, Aftab totally stands out though. Zain and Vin stick to their characters while Raai is an absolute treat.

The series also has a supporting cast that enables it to move forward smoothly and some of them have outdone themselves. Rahul Dev, Pooja Chopra, are just a few names who have added a great deal to the series. The series is written nicely and has been executed well, two things that make it a perfect binge-worthy one.

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