What Are The Odds? on Netflix makes us want to believe the unusual

What Are The Odds? Movie Review
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 The lockdown has all of us looking at the pessimist side of ourselves, one that always finds a problem. None the less, this is when art comes to our rescue. Writer and director Megha Ramaswam will make you believe how everything you question, has a 50-50 chance. What Are The Odds? on Netflix is one movie that will leave you with a beaming joy, hoping it went on for a little longer.

Featuring Yashaswini Dayama, Karanvir Malhotra, and Abhay Deol in pivotal roles, this film raises questions and also answers them. What Are The Odds of snowing in a city like Mumbai? You might say none, but really? The film revolves around two teenagers, Vivek (Yashaswini) and Ashwin (Karanvir) and gradually, brings about magic on screen.

While Vivek is every teenage who believes in protesting for a cause, isn’t very social, and has this passion for music, Ashwin is the goody-two-shoes, and not to forget, the head boy. However, their gradual connection is what wins you over even though you question yourself What Are The Odds?

There is so much about the movie that might feel like we’ve seen this, and yet, not quite much. What Are The Odds? brings to life the characters even when they are simply walking on the streets. Vivek and Ashwin are two opposite people who meet by chance and while you might question Whare Are The Odds? here’s them showing it to you.

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While Val (Abhay) isn’t at the centre, his narration does keep you hooked on to the screens just fine. The movie explores so many aspects, including the typical teenage phase when you think you have fallen in love with a 40-year-old. The movie is so much more about two people becoming friends because they couldn’t write an exam.

While we are around the topic, the movie also makes you fall in love with the art of songwriting and Abhay makes it look all the more exciting. What Are The Odds? is everything that the title makes it sound like. Even though the movie witnesses the most unusual things, one still feels like believing in them, and that is the beauty of it.

All in all, the movie is an easy watch and while a lot of things don’t make sense, you must not try and simply enjoy what it offers.

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What Are The Odds? Movie Review
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