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Monday, April 12, 2021

What to watch on Netlfix in March: Indoo Ki Jawani, Pagglait and more

Netflix has finally released its list of films and shows for March 2021 and we are excited. Every first of the month, we are given a compact answer as to what to watch on Netflix in March, and the list is here.

The March releases for Netflix are as interesting as they can get and include a varied list of films and shows. While we have been all waiting to see new content, Netflix has been providing it to us. Some original films and series are going to be an absolute treat, and so, this article is your go to. The next time you wonder what to watch on Netflix in March, here’s where you must head to.

As for Hindi viewers, there are three originals that Netflix has announced, including Indoo Ki Jawani and Pagglait. Along with the two films, we also have Bombay Begums season 1 releasing this Woman’s Day. While you can check out the entire list here, we picked some much-awaited watches for you.

What to watch on Netflix in March 2021:

Moxie – March 3

This is going to be a crazy watch for all the internet people out there. When I first saw the trailer of Moxie, I knew this film is going to be a great great hit. As Amy Poehler directs and features in this movie, we already know it is going to be a success.

Bombay Begums: Season 1 – March 8

This is the story of 5 women leading different lives across various walks of life, one that needs to be heard. Bombay Begums trailer was as impressive as it gets, and it is a definite yay for us. With a cast as interesting as ever, there are more than just a handful of reasons to watch this show.

Indoo Ki Jawani – March 11

The Kiara Advani starrer has been getting delayed for a while as far as its theatre release is concerned. However, it will now be releasing as a Netflix original, and fans can now finally celebrate. What better than an absolute Bollywood masala film for a what to watch on Netflix in March the next time around?

Love Alarm: Season 2 – March 12

If you haven’t watched the season 1 yet, you must. Korean Dramas seldom have a season 2, and when they do, we must watch it, isn’t it? As loved up as it gets, we can’t wait to see how this story pans out next.

Pagglait – March 26

With Sanya Malhotra in the lead role, this is yet another Indian original to watch out for. Though not a lot has been spoken about this movie, we believe we can give it away for none other than Malhotra, if nothing.

If you are still looking for more of what to watch on Netflix in March, here’s the list.

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