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What to watch this week: Dil Bechara, The Kissing Booth 2 and more

Wondering what to watch this week? Well, you’re at the right place cause we have curated a list for you. Today, we have a mix of TV shows and films that you might enjoy and we bet at least one will make it to the cut.

While there lies an interesting list of Bollywood releases on Netflix with 17 recently announced titles, this time we have just one. None the less, there is a lot more that might interest you, and we have something to fit every genre. (we tried!)

So, let’s get you a look at what to watch this week if you are on a search:


A little late to the party, but is this amazing or is it amazing? So many people out there might find comfort in this show, while others, might relate. With Phoebe Waller-Bridge donning multiple hats for this tragic comedy, you will fall in love with her and all that she stands for. the show is available on Prime Video and is a must-watch.

The Kissing Booth 2

A teenage love story is just about a must-have in the what to watch this week list, isn’t it? Well, at least we think so. The movie is as good as To All The Boys I have Loved Before and so, you might want to catch up on this one. The first installment of the film is available on Netflix while the next one releases this week.


Ah, Harvey Specter! Yep, that is exactly what you might say once you get hold of this show. It has been one of the best and finest dramas with cute lawyers and a strong storyline. While it does get a little boring after season 4, it is just enough to get you to the point where you say ‘just one more episode’.

Dil Bechara

Well, we bet people can’t wait to see Sushant Singh Rajput in action for the one last time and rightly so. The movie is all set to release this week and co-stars Sanjana Sanghi. A remake of The Fault In Our Stars, the story is originally based on a book by John Green. The trailer received a lot of love and well, it is the answer to what to watch for just about everyone.

Parks and Recreation

Sitcoms go a long way, and if you have loved watching The Office, this might interest you. This show is on our what to watch this week list too and so, this is a must must all the more. The show should fit the bill if you’re someone always looking for something to watch while eating, or just randomly!

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