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World Poetry Day: Must watch films that celebrate the art

World Poetry Day: It is a Sunday and you might be looking for something to watch. Why not celebrate two art forms? Read on Platocast.

It is World Poetry Day today and well, it does deserve to be celebrated, doesn’t it? Poetry is truly one form of art that has its own effect. And films, have their own. But what happens when the two art forms come together? Well, if you ask us, it is just about the perfect combination there could be.

So, on World Poetry Day today, we decided to list down some movies that celebrate art. For all the poetry loves out there, this list could be quite the catch. We believe it is these kinds of films that have their own kind of effect, the one that stays beyond!

Different films have different connotations, but they all are absolute masterpieces. So, here are some of the films we curated just for you.

On World Poetry Day 2021, here are films you can enjoy to celebrate the art:

Dead Poet’s Society

The movie sees Robina Williams turn an English teacher at a boys school. As he teaches them poetry, he also teaches them some life lessons. The film largely gives away the concept of carpe diem i.e. to seize the day, and how. A lot transpires during the due course of the movie, much of which is beyond just poetry.


For the love of Adam Driver, you may want to watch this movie. He plays a bus driver in the film, while being his observant self. He writes poems that are a masterpiece, but apart from that, does the same old thing every day. How that monotony is brought alive through the film, is what is a worthy watch.

Romeo and Juliet

For the love of Shakespeare, on World Poetry Day, this movie is sure a must-watch. The film has a lot of poetic touches to it, even though it may not be about it. As we celebrate the art form, we must remember about this movie, and celebrate it. Everything that the film encompasses, is in a way, poetic in itself.

Bright Star

Ever been a fan of John Keats? Even those who may not be into poetry, have sure heard of him. This film is a love story between John and his love, also muse, Fanny Brawne. The film sees how Keats died, among other things, and left a mark that stays. With poetry and love in a John Keats film, be ready for crying!


This movie is the story of poet Pablo Neruda. The movie is a brief mix-up of truth and fantasy, which makes it a great watch on World Poetry Day! The Chilena government forces Neruda into hiding, and that’s when he garners support. When he is stuck. he sees it as a moment to grow and to resist. With a mix of politics and poetry, the movie is a must-watch in the present day!

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