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Monday, April 12, 2021

World Television Day 2020: A letter to the idiot box that hasn’t been just that

It is World Television Day today and well, we owe so much to the screens, don’t we? It all started with a lot of effort but now, it is so much more. And so, here’s a little something to the idiot box, a letter that goes a long way, for so many reasons! For some, it has been nothing short of a support system, and so much more! So, here’s to some of that…

Dear TV,

My day almost always starts and ends with you, even when what we see has changed, you haven’t. Over the years, the colours have changed from b/w to multi-coloured, and it has been quite the journey for both of us.

On World Television Day today here’s to acknowledging just how crucial a part of everyone’s lives you’ve become. For some, you are the lullaby that puts them to sleep and for rest, the voice that fills the silence. From the mini get-togethers with one TV in the living room to each room having one, we’ve all grown up while you have evolved.

Memories with the TV have been so many, some watching our favourite sport, while for some, all those daily soaps. From the time when Channel V and MTV were about music to now, when the content seems to have become so progressive, it’s all a curve, an impressive one.

As a matter of fact, there’s a lot that TV has done for all, and World Television Day is for all that and so much. Without getting into the history of it, we never acknowledge TV just enough. While it has been called an idiot box for the longest time, we know you are so much. As entertainment transpires to infotainment, you’ve been a major player in making it happen.

As we all shuffle between our phone screens, OTT platforms and television, there’s little that you as a medium has a competition to, and that’s the beauty of it – one that will forever be!

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