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Your Honor Review: Jimmy Sheirgill is the highlight of this crime drama

Directed by Eeshwar Niwas, Your Honor is an official adaptation of Israeli series Kvodo on Sony Liv. At some instance, it makes you feel like it is an exact replica, while on the others, not so much. This is the story of a judge who is brought to a crossroad and is forced to make a choice. While you’ll know more during the due course of Your Honor review, let’s catch you up on the story.

Jimmy Sheirgill as Bishan is the district judge and his principles come to test when his son, Abeer (Pulkit Marol) is involved in a hit and run case. Things take a turn for the worse when it so happens that the biker he hit is the son of gangster Satbir (Mahaveer Bhullar).

On one hand, he is forced to twist the law to ensure his way out, and on the other, he has his promotion due too. He decides to bend the law and it all begins with a lie about the vehicle Abeer was driving to get his fall guy. Helping him in this process is his friend Kashi, played by Varun Badola. However, getting the perfect alibi isn’t quite Bishan’s cup of tea, clearly. The fall guy, Guddan, gets caught and Ruma (Parul Gulati), Bishan’s protege, takes up his case.

At this point of time, you are sure that Bishan is likely to fall into a pit and he will take everyone along. The police inspector, on the other hand, has multiple issues to deal with. While Kiran (Mita Vashisht) has to perform her duties, she also has to maintain peace between Satbir and his rival, Pandit. While Kashi is doing his bit to save Bishan, Pandit is sure not in favour of him doing it.

Now that you know the story, have a look at the trailer before we get onto the Your Honor review:

Talk about Your Honor review and I cannot emphasize Jimmy being the star of the show, quite literally. His acting chops will steal all the limelight, even though this role isn’t conventional ones. The actor is too young to play a 50-year-old but he does it with perfection. Varun Badola is another gem who deserves all the appreciation for this one.

While the men have our attention, we cannot miss out on the roles donned by Mita and Parul. They both add that required edge to series and stand out from the crowd. Mita Vashisht is going to remind you of Shefali Shah from Delhi Crime. However, it is purely because of the way they pave the way for women going forward!

Your Honor review will be incomplete without mentioning how it isn’t the story that wins you but the characters. Everything about this series might seem to be predictable, but not until you actually witness it. In this journey of Bishan trying to find a balance between law and family, you’ll be taken for a ride.

Chances of a second season are likely, for it doesn’t give you a concrete ending. And so, we hope, this one doesn’t go down the drain with a sequel. However, given the ensemble cast and the edgy writing, we are in for another roller coaster ride!

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