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United States and India are natural allies, ‘We have shared Values,” says Joe Biden

The US major media networks declared Joe Biden to be the elected President of the United States. Even though Donald Trump calls it an election fraud and refuses to concede, the democrat is moving ahead on the path of transition to the white house. Recent reports suggest that Biden has many from the Indian-American community figure in his plans, the president-elect has named more than 20 Indian-American people as members, including three team leaders to his Agency Review Teams (ARTs), who carry the responsibility of evaluating the operations of the key federal agencies in the current administration so that a smooth transfer of power can be ensured. This is one of the most diverse review teams in presidential history, said one of Biden’s team member. The Democrat’s choice for US Vice-President being Kamala Harris, is also an Indian-origin, Jamaican.

The Democrat expressed his “sense of belongingness” with the community.

In October Joe Biden wrote a heartfelt op-ed for the IndiaWest, in which is expressed a “sense of belongingness” with the community. Joe Biden said: “Four years ago in November, one of the last events I hosted at the Vice President’s residence was a Diwali reception. Here I was, an Irish Catholic Vice President opening my home for a holiday traditionally observed by Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jains, and that night joined by Muslims, Christians, and Indian Americans of various backgrounds representing the diversity of the diaspora. In the shadow of a devastating and dark election, we gathered together for the festival of lights and new beginnings. We found hope and a sense of belonging in each other.”

Biden said that he always felt connected to the Indian-American community very deeply and also because of the similar values that they shared like a duty to family and elders, treating people with respect and dignity, self-discipline, service, and hard work.

These values, which they share in common were passed down from his Irish ancestors who risked everything for a better life in America. Joe Biden further said: “They have shaped me as a son, brother, husband, father, grandfather, and a man of faith and a lifelong public servant. And I’ve seen how those shared values, that immigrant story, forged my lasting relationship with Indian American constituents in Delaware and with Indian American staff both in the United States Senate and in the Obama-Biden Administration, where we’d exchange stories of our families’ sacrifice and marvel that only in America would we be living their dream.”

Relationship with the Indian-American VP Nominee, Kamala Harris:

She was smart, tested and prepared, said the former vice-president. The other thing which Kamala so inspiring was her mother Shyamala Gopalan. “We feel Kamala’s pride when she talks about her. She was from Chennai, where Shyamala’s father, Kamala’s grandfather, was active in the fight for Indian Independence,” said Joe Biden. He further said, “Kamala shared a picture that speaks a thousand stories of courage, hope, and sacrifice, in which her mother holding her young daughters’ hands at the time.

According to Joe Biden, the lasting relationship continued on his presidential campaign with the Indian-American leaders across the board, including the relationship with Kamala Harris as the Vice-President Nominee being at the top.

Drawing a comparison between the Donald Trump version of America and Joe Biden’s, the Democrat said, that the democratic campaign valued education, courage, and resilience. “We think America is still a land of opportunity. But you and your family are likely to have been caught in the midst of President Trump’s crackdown on legal immigration and permanent residency and citizenship routes, and his H-1B visa program decisions. And white nationalists have been inspired by his dangerous immigrant rhetoric and have also sparked hate crimes against Indian Americans,” Joe Biden said.

Joe Biden acknowledged the community’s work in the US through it all, as health care professionals, researchers, small business owners, educators, daily workers, and the Indian-American community stood on the frontlines of the pandemic as patriots to keep the country alive through the hardest of our days. The Democrat said: “You still wake up each morning worried you’re putting your lives at risk as you walk out the door. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost loved ones, jobs, and businesses.”

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