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10 Priceless Responses From Dr. Watsa’s Sex Column That Prove He Was The King Of Sex Ed

Famous sexologist Dr. Watsa dies at 96. So in the memory of the savvy sexpert, we decided to list down his 10 hilarious responses.

Dr. Mahinder Watsa was truly a legend. He was known as the expert on Sex education in a country where a general talk or query about sex is considered taboo. You all must have your own school memories of discovering the ‘unsung’ science chapter where we discovered the human body and its dynamics. So to be an expert on such a topic where the muted responses over the word ‘Sex’ is considered ‘decent’ makes Dr. Watsa one of a kind.

So today after the news of his death came out, we decided to list down his top 10 priceless responses that made him the famous sexpert Dr. Mahindra Watsa.

Check it out here:


His savviness and experience was something that made him great! We will miss you, Doctor! RIP

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