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Beat the COVID-19 blues with the technologies

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus made us stuck within our four walls, completely cutting off all the connections that we had with the outer world. Amidst this pandemic situation, it is the technology that is helping us to cope


Though it can’t prevent what is happening, it surely can keep us invested in something so that we will not think about it and worry all the time. And, as we all know, the ‘Internet’ is a lifesaver, so there are few gadgets that you must have in your home.


Laptop with a good processor


Before corona, we have never spent this much time at our houses. From work meetings to school and college classes, we are attending everything from our home.

A laptop with a good processor is what we need most, right now. Online education was mostly for professional training, but now it is the new normal. With the lockdown phase, we cannot go out to watch a movie thus online streaming is the only option. In our leisure times, the OTT is what helps us to de-stress. 


UV light sanitizer bar


What we are most afraid of is the virus, and for that, we are washing our hands in every five minutes or sanitizing ourselves. But what about the objects that we have in our home.

Get a stick that is attached to a UV light at the end. You can switch it on and point it at your objects and let the light kill the germs on the objects within a few seconds. You get these UV light sticks within Rs.1000 to 2000.


Wi-Fi systems


As the Internet is our best friend now, we all face some trouble in connecting Wi-Fi systems. Get a Wi-Fi system created by a mesh network that will make sure you get consistent internet access in your home, wherever you go.


These technologies will save us from worrying about the virus, and also it will level up our productivity at work. This virus might have put a hold on everything, but the technologies and gadgets will make sure you press the play button to live your life in a new way.

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