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10 points you must know about the ongoing Indo-China talks

In an unprecedented confrontation, the Chinese soldiers killed 20 Indian jawans, including a Colonel, at Galwan valley in eastern Ladakh on Monday night.

Major Generals of both India and China began talks yesterday to resolve the biggest stand-off along the LOC in five decades. But how are the talks going? Can they restore peace and normalcy between the top two major powers of Southasia?

Here are the top 10 highlights of the ongoing Indo-China talks

1. Inconclusive talks – Unfortunately, the talks between the top army officials as well as the foreign ministers of both India and China remained inconclusive so far, as reported by several media outlets.

2. More talks likely – Sources told news agency ANI that there is no major disengagement or changes in the ground. One hopeful thing is: more talks are likely in the days to come.

3. Modi’s message –  India PM Narendra Modi on Wednesday gave a strong reply to China. He said India will protect its territorial integrity at any cost and will give befitting reply to China, if provoked. The PM said India is a peace-loving nation, but is capable of responding when required. The PM paid tributes to the martyrs.

“Humaare jawan maarte maarte mare hain.” – Narendra Modi. Source: ANI

4. Telephone call – According to reports, India’ external affairs minister S. Jaishankar spoke to his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi over phone. The duo decided to “cool down” the situation along the LOC as soon as possible.

5. Ties at stake? During the telephonic conversation, Jaishankar conveyed India’s strong protest over Chinese intrusion into the Indian territory. He added that the Ladakh stand-off will have serious impact on the Indo-China bilateral relations, if continued unabated.

6. Tips to China – Jaishankar reportedly said since it is the Chinese that intruded into the Indian side and began the face-off, they should reassess their actions and take corrective measures to ensure peace and harmony.

7. Joint decision – Both the nations reportedly agreed not to escalate any further tension along the LOC and maintain stability as per protocols and bilateral agreements.

However, in the previous instance, the Chinese military launched a violent attack on Indian Colonel Santosh Babu by hurling a stone and killing him during a de-escalation process. A de-escalation process is marked by security personnel withdrawing their artillery arrangements.

8. Alert call – According to a report by Financial Express, India’s defence minister Rajnath Singh had a high-level meeting with army, air force and navy chiefs on Wednesday evening. Around 3500-km de-facto border were put on high alert to avert any untoward confrontation. As per reports, additional military troops have been sent to the border regions in Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakand and Ladakh.

9. Attack pre-planned – India’s MoS defence S. Naik told reporters that the attack by the Chinese soldiers on Indian jawans was pre-planned. He added that India won’t compromise on its territory and give strong reply to the Chinese troopers.

10. World’s reactions – Meanwhile, the US government has declared that they are monitoring the situation and movements of the Indo-China forces. Russia said it will welcome any step towards de-escalation by both India and China. Taiwan, on the other hand, patted India’s back for giving a strong reply to the Chinese military.

We really hope peace and normalcy come back to the LOC in Ladakh ASAP. Because if a battle begins, it will not be confined just between India and China. Rather, the world might witness World World III!

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