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A New Antibody To Neutralize Coronavirus Found

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The world is severely suffering from coronavirus, thousands of people have lost their lives, and many are still struggling. Amid all this, Researchers at Utrecht University, Netherlands and Defence Biological Research Institute at Israel have both discovered an antibody to neutralize the coronavirus effects and further help in the development of a vaccine.

antibody to neutralize coronavirus
The First Antibody

The first antibody:

Researchers at Utrecht University, Netherlands discovered an antibody to neutralize the coronavirus by blocking the infection in the human body. This antibody works by attaching itself to the surface proteins of the virus. It prevent it from further infecting the cells. It may sound effective, but still, we need to conduct more trials before concluding whether it is appropriate or not. 

The Covid-19 is the cause of the same virus group (SARS-CoV-2 virus) that was responsible for the SARS outbreak in the year 2002. Researchers are assessing 51 different antibodies which relate to this earlier strain.

In the collection of SARS-CoV antibodies’, an antibody that neutralizes the SARS-CoV-2 infections in cultured cells came into view. We know this antibody as 47D11; it targets the proteins called trimeric spike glycoproteins on the virus surface and prevents the virus from infecting other nearby cells.

How can this antibody discovery further next steps to find the cure?

According to the researchers, this antibody can neutralize the coronavirus effect. It can also alter the course of the infection in the host. Also, it might help protect (also known as support virus clearance) an uninfected individual that might catch the virus.

The researchers are working towards testing this new antibody to neutralize coronavirus and then to determine whether they can create an effective vaccine with the help of this antibody.

The test of this therapeutic antibody to neutralize coronavirus is done in various species other than human beings. This means that they are compatible with the human immune system. Since 47D11 had a test in the past, and it was compatible with the human immune system. This means that it will save lots of hours in the research, and all this would make the task speedy.

How do the antibodies work
How do the antibodies work?

The Second Antibody:

Naftali Bennett, the Defence Minister of Israel, announced that Israel’s Defence Biological Research Institute has also come up with a new antibody to neutralize the effects of coronavirus.

How is this antibody developed by Israel different from 47D11?

The Biological Research Institute is a secretive unit under the Prime Minister of Israel. The antibody developed by them attacks the virus in a monoclonal way. This new antibody to neutralize coronavirus effects within the body. It is monoclonal as it derives itself from a single recovered cell. The single-cell makes it more potent to yield a treatment. 

Though the use of antibodies is to neutralize the coronavirus and stop them in spreading to nearby cells, these are still not an effective measure to cure the coronavirus, but they might help in developing an efficient and effective coronavirus vaccine

The new antibodies to neutralize coronavirus will reduce the number of infected individuals as the virus will not be able to spread easily. Thus it will be easy to control the number of patients and treat them effectively.

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