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Blood spilled in Ladakh after 1975: Indo-China clash in 10 points

The Chinese soldiers killed 20 Indian security personnel, including a Colonel, during a violent clash in eastern Ladakh on Monday night. The Indian Army said none of the sides fired a shot. A violent hand-to-hand combat took place at Galwan valley. Top military officials from both India and China are having talks to defuse the tension.

Here’s the Galwan valley clash explained in 10 points

1. De-escalation turned violent – The army said during “de-escalation process” (here which means withdrawing military arrangements by both India and China from conflict zones), Chinese soldiers killed 3 of their Indian counterparts. There were “significant casualties” on the Chinese side as well, the army said.

2. Stone attack – While moving away with their troops and weapons, the Chinese soldiers hit the Indian Colonel with a stone. Following this, our jawans retaliated, triggering a hand-to-hand clash. The face-off stopped after midnight, AFP reported.

3.  Blame on India – Right from China’s foreign ministry to its media accused India of crossing the international border and attacking the Chinese soldiers. They blame India for “violating border rules several times and provoking the Chinese soldiers”. “India should not take unilateral actions and stir up trouble,” China told Reuters.

4. Top heads meet – India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, defense minister Rajnath Singh, three military chiefs and external affairs minister S. Jaishankar are having frequent talks as the issue escalates.

5. Lengthy row – It’s been over six weeks that both the nations are having a stand-off along the LOC in Ladakh. They’re aiming at each other at Galwan river, from where the 1962 Indo-Sino war had begun. Troops are there at Pangong Tso lake as well. Both India and China claim portions of this region to be theirs.

6. Worst in five decades – This is the biggest ever violent confrontation between India and China in five decades. The Indian Army on Tuesday morning said one Colonel and two jawans died in the clash. Later in the evening, they revised the figure to 20. The official statement said that 17 soldiers who got critically injured in the confrontation succumbed to their injuries in the sub-zero temperatures of Ladakh.

7. Tight-lipped China – China, on the other hand, admitted of some casualties on their part but remained tight-lipped about the numbers. The western command spokesperson of China Zhang Shuili along with Communist Party of China mouthpiece Global Times, said there was a fierce confrontation between the soldiers of both nations, resulting in some casualties. But none of them confirmed the number of death. However, news agency ANI reported total 43 Chinese soldiers died in the clash.

8. Chopper movement – ANI also reported that some chopper activities were noticed on the Chinese side to airlift their dead soldiers. Sources said the Chinese side may have experienced heavy casualties as a decent number of their soldiers have been evacuated from the face-off location. Movements of ambulances and stretchers along the Galwan river were reported.

9. Protests erupt – Local residents in various parts of India have been staging protests against China and its Premier Xi Jinping. They also burnt China flags and effigies of the Chinese Premier.

10. Free hand to army – According to reports, yesterday’s Cabinet meeting decided to give the Indian Army free hand to deal with the ongoing border row along the LOC in Ladakh. The Indian forces will assess the ground situation today and decide on the next course of action.


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