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Coronavirus: 200 countries wrecked around the globe except India

The novel coronavirus continues to wreck about 200 nations around the globe, taking away lives and livelihood. And the only remedy for the virus is that Countries should come together and join hands to understand the behavior of the virus and combat it.

The virus originated in China and spread to other countries within 10 days. But the trajectory of the spread in India is different. In the United States, as on March 24, about 5 lakh samples were tested, which has shown about 16 percent cases as positive of coronavirus. 

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Whereas in India, the corona positive rate is stable at 4.5 percent. And India’s share in the global fatality rate is just 0.4 percent.

Even though Italy reported its first case of coronavirus one day after India, Italy showed a 216 percent increase in growth rate in cases as compared to less than 1 percent growth rate in India. Cases in India showed small growth after 45 days as compared to Italy, where the cases reached their peak on day 22. India is consistently lower in the cumulative rating, which is a good sign. India, instead of showing an exponential rise in cases, is showing linearly. The first death happened in India much after, over 1000 deaths in Italy.

A controversy which states that the testing volumes are lower, and therefore, there is a possibility of higher positive cases. The positive cases detection is at 4.35 percent in India and 7.26 percent in Germany. 

Testing is ramping up, and India is now carrying out focus testing. Doctors in India perform 30,000 tests every day, and this rate is increasing by 130 percent. And the rate of growth is constantly low.

What worked for India?

Firstly, India started taking measures early. Indians are proactive and therefore started responding and taking the required steps. The Prime Minister came out with one day, Janta curfew, and the country is observing a nation-wide lockdown after that day.

The oxford university is calculating the measures that India has taken, and these are called as stringent under the study of analyzing the strategy of different governance under the pandemic. India took strict and decisive measures, which improved the doubling rate of 3.5 days to 7.5 days.

Secondly, with a huge young population with an average age of 27.9 years, it is difficult for the virus to stand. The virus affects mostly to the above 60 age category who are also the high-risk groups. 

Thirdly, different regions of India deal with different crises almost every year. Like the Nipah virus in Kerala, various natural calamities in Uttarakhand and Odisha etcetera. Mostly because of all these epidemics, the country has experience in preparing its citizen to tackle the situation and respond in an effective way.

Fourth, a program was launched. Even though everything seems encouraging, one should not lower their guards. It is necessary to test as many people as possible to evade the roots of the virus. Infected areas should remain isolated so that the disease can halt from further spread. India may keep the unaffected area open for livelihood but only after taking necessary precautions. People should maintain social distancing, and wearing masks and gloves should be compulsory.

India is in a position where it can show the rest of the world how to keep pandemic under control. How to combine bold measures and technology together to make strategies.

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