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India-China border stand-off: 7 points you must know

It’s been over a month. The border stand-off between India and China in Ladakh still remains unresolved. India’s external affairs ministry said both sides will pursue military and diplomatic strategies to resolve the situation.

1. When did the border stand-off begin?

The Indian Army issued an official statement on May 10, acknowledging tensions along the disputed Sino-Indian border in Ladakh. They said some Indian soldiers and their Chinese counterparts received injuries following clashes in Pangong Tso Lake, Ladakh, and Naku La in Sikkim between May 6 and 10.

2. What’s the present situation?

There is movement of a significant number of Chinese soldiers along the LOC in Ladakh. There is enough mobilization of military equipment too. The Chinese forces have come up till the Pangong Tso Lake and Galwan river area. They believe it is their territory. Citing satellite images, India claims the Chinese even have started construction and deployed huge troops in those areas.

“It is true that people of China are on the border. They think that it is their territory, whereas India believes it is their area. There has been a disagreement over it. A sizable number of Chinese people have also come. India has done what it needs to do.” India’s defense minister Rajnath Singh. Source Network18

India has identified 23 disputed border areas over which both sides claim their rights. This time, the Chinese soldiers have deployed their troops to areas where there had been no previous instances of dispute. And then India had to cancel its annual training exercise in Ladakh this summer due to the Covid-19 crisis. Many say, the Chinese took the opportunity to move their forces to these locations owing to absence of Indian soldiers. However, there are enough forces by India in Ladakh at present.

3. So what is the way out?

As both countries have agreed to follow military and diplomatic talks to resolve the situation, top military officials from both the sides have been talking. Already several rounds of talks have taken place. Diplomats from both the countries are discussing to end the impasse. However, none of these talks have been able to create a breakthrough yet.

4. Then what’s the buzz around Chinese army’s latest drill?

Yes, that’s the important question. Though talks are on to end the conflict and mitigate the tensions, amid these Chinese soldiers have carried out massive drills along the LOC in eastern Ladakh. A huge number of paratroopers and armored vehicles of China’s People’s Liberation Army carried out an exercise, showing how quickly the Chinese forces can take position at the required locations.

This happened a day after experts from both the nations talked for six hours to resolve the conflict through verbal negotiations! Interestingly, so far no shots has been fired at the Sino-Indian border since 1967. Soldiers of both nations involved in physical clashes and thus received injuries.

5. Earlier stand-offs

Between 2014 and 2017, there have been similar stand-offs between India and China over Depsam, Chumar and Doklam regions. In some cases, it took months to resolve the imbroglio. Experts believe the recent one will take quite a lot of time too.

6. Trump poking his nose into Sino-Indian border stand-off?

Yes, as some say, he never fails to “entertain” us! Trump did want to play the role of a mediator. He even claimed to have spoken to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and declared that, “Modi was not in a good mood about what’s going on with China”. Oh really?? But our MEA sources said that Modi didn’t speak to Trump since April! Now both China and India declared that the issue will be resolved through bilateral diplomatic talks. Mr Trump, you already have a job in hand, don’t you? First handle the crisis at your own land. Thank you but no thank you.

7. Remove China Apps

The Remove China Apps mobile platform that claims to identify and erase all Chinese apps from phones have reported over 10 lakh downloads since the Covid-19 pandemic and Sino-Indian border tensions have started to escalate. Besides common people, many celebs like Milind Soman and Arshad Warsi among others have joined the initiative to reject Chinese merchandise and yes the TikTok of course.



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