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Unlike western countries, India’s growth in Caronavirus cases in only linear. This is good news.

Unlike the western countries where the cases related to coronavirus are rising exponentially, the cases in India are rising in a linear fashion. This is a good news. 

Mr. CK Mishra, Secretary at the Ministry of Environment, who heads over the availability of hospital, quarantine facilities, surveillance, training, etc., said that India recorded 519 cases on March 24 which has now increased to 21700 confirmed cases as on April 23; out of these cases, 4325 patients have recovered while 686 have died.

As of April 23, 12 districts of the country have not reported any fresh case for the last 28 days or more. Also, since April 21, eight new districts have been added in the list of viruses affected areas. These districts are SBS Nagar (Punjab), Pilibhit (Uttar Pradesh), Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh), Imphal West (Manipur), Aizwal West (Mizoram), South Goa (Goa), Bhadradari Kothagudem (Telangana), Chitradurga (Karnataka). Also, in the last 14 days, about 78 districts of 23 states and Union Territories have not reported any fresh cases.

The States and the Center are working towards minimizing the spread of the virus, cut the transmission rate, ramping the testing up to and get the most of the lockdown period and prepare for the future if the situation takes a false turn.

Medics to take blood samples
Medics arrive to take blood samples of residents of Spanish Garden residential complex after a COVID-19 positive case was detected in an apartment, in Guwahati. Shutterstock.com/Talukdar David

What are the numbers saying?

India is using the Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) Method for testing the suspected samplesIndia has conducted over 5 lakh tests by April 22, 4.5 percent of the samples, tested between March 24 and April 22, were tested COVID positive.


In the United States, as on March 24, about 5 lakh samples were tested, which showed about 16 percent cases as positive of coronavirus. Similarly, in Italy, one lakh people that is 20 percent, were found virus-positive. The United kingdom got 24 percent positive tested individuals that are about 1.2 lakh people who were affected by the virus, and Turkey was tested for 16 percent positive cases. In India the corona positive rate is stable at 4.5 percent, even when it has tested equally the same number of 5 lakh individuals compared to western countries. 

The shortage of kits across the globe

The Director of Indian Council of Medical Research, Mr. Balram Bhargava, said that there is a shortage of reagents, RT-PCR kits, and the RNA extraction kits throughout the globe. The centre is working along with the states to make sure that the supplies are available within time at labs.  

The AIIMS Director, Mr. Randeep Guleria, showed concern and said that the people are presenting themselves late to the hospitals because of the flu-like symptoms, and this may lead to a rise in mortality rates. Therefore, the patients must show up with early signs of symptoms so that they can be treated early. 15 percent of all the cases required timely oxygen, and therefore, more and more beds are being created, and oxygen is being provided.  

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