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Is Modi’s ‘no intrusion by China’ claim true? Here are 6 questions to find all your answers

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said no one intruded into the Indian territory in eastern Ladakh. During an all-party meet following the bloody clashes between the Indo-China armed forces at Galwan Valley, Modi told this to the Opposition and other parties.

Modi had gone into silent mode soon after the Ladakh stand-off unfolded. The Ministry of External Affairs then had said the Chinese were trying to build infrastructure on the Indian side of the LOC. Now if we accept what our PM said on Friday, it means the MEA’s statement was false!

Modi’s claim during the all-party meet raises numerous questions about the actual situations on the ground along the Indo-China disputed border. The violent Indo-China clashes took place after five long decades. We lost 20 of our valiant soldiers, including a Colonel. The Chinese kept 10 of our jawans captive during the clash. Though they were released later, the situation doesn’t become less serious. Rather, the reports of additional forces heading towards the disputed border areas are everywhere.

All these raise question if the Centre is at all transparent with its statements about the Indo-China clash.

Here are 6 questions to find if Modi’s claim about ‘no intrusion by China’ in Ladakh were true

1. Why did 20 Indian soldiers die if everything was fine and no intrusion took place?

One of the most important and logical questions that comes to mind after hearing our PM’s claim is this one. If the Chinese didn’t intrude into our land, then why did 20 of our jawans die? Multiple reports show that the Indian soldiers got into a violent clash with their Chinese counterparts along the disputed border areas.

The reports also claim that the Chinese had used deadly weapons on our soldiers and there were casualties on both the sides. So, if there was no intrusion, why were the two sides fighting? Modi’s Friday statement doesn’t explain the death of our 20 jawans. Also, it doesn’t answer why did our soldiers have to dismantle some Chinese infrastructure on the Indian side of the border, as reported by some media outlets.

2. Is Modi trying to say that the MEA statements were untrue?

The MEA only had said that the Chinese attempted to build in infrastructure on the Indian side of the LOC. And that the Chinese tried to change the status quo unilaterally. However, if we go by Modi’s latest claim, all these statements by the MEA prove to be false! If there was no intrusion, there can be no question about building infrastructure on the Indian territory, right? Also, no intrusion denotes maintaining of the status quo or no change in the existing situation. This also raises another significant question, do all the areas where the Chinese soldiers are positioned at present belong to China?

So, naturally the next question will be

3. Are the Chinese troops guarding the land that were under the India Army’s patrolling?

There are different perceptions about the LOC. Both India and China have different views about it and follow different mechanisms to claim their rights along its areas. According to several media reports and ex-veterans, the Chinese are controlling around 60 sqkm area that was previously under Indian Army’s patrolling. And sensing the situation to be beyond repair, Modi is resorting to a revised perception of the LOC. We still don’t know if we have already surrendered some areas to the Chinese forces. The Centre hasn’t yet said anything clearly on this.

4. Is the Ladakh stand-off an intelligence failure?

As per reports, there were enough intelligence resources to avert the Chinese aggression along the LOC. It is still not clear why did we experience the violent face-off after 1962 despite having the intelligence alert. Was there any mistake on the army’s part to chalk out strategy to combat the Chinese forces, or it was the result of the Centre’s complacency over the matter? We still don’t know. The Centre has also not officially acknowledged that 10 Indian soldiers were held captive by the Chinese army. Why would our enemy hold our jawans captive if there was no intrusion? Experts claim that the Ladakh tension had uncanny similarities with the 1999 Kargil War.

5. Did our soldiers go to the stand-off point without arms?

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi recently asked the Centre why were the Indian soldiers sent to face the violent clashes unarmed. On Friday India’s MEA minister S. Jaishankar said Rahul’s question doesn’t hold water as all troops on duty on the border always carry arms.

Here, our questions are if our soldiers had carried enough arms at the stand-off point, why did 20 of them die? Secondly, several reports suggest that both the sides got involved in a hand-to-hand combat which continued for seven long hours. So why would such hand-to-hand fight would occur if the troops carried arms?

The reports also say that the Chinese troops used clubs, nail-studded iron rods and stones to fight our jawans. Did Indian soldiers use similar things to face the Chinese forces? There are no clear answers.

6. Why does the “action against Chinese incursion” demand come only from the Opposition always?

Be it the BJP or the Congress, all want “action against Chinese intrusion”, but only when they are playing the role of an Opposition party. Why is so? The ruling BJP became silent soon after the Ladakh tension escalated. Only after 20 of Indian soldiers died in the clash, our PM started speaking about the issue. Till then, only MEA was issuing its statements.

But the Opposition Congress raised its voice over the matter from the very beginning. It criticised the Centre and also demanded explanation about various issues related to the Indo-China face-off. The ruling Congress in 2013, during the three-week-long Indo-China stand-off in Depsang in eastern Ladakh, was silent just like today’s BJP. The saffron party then had pressed the UPA government in Delhi to take action against the Chinese intrusion. Modi was the Gujarat chief minister then.

So, the common people’s question is why does this #takeactionagainstChinesesoldiers demand come from the Opposition only, while those at the Centre remain numb? The most unfortunate fact in this entire issue is the PM is yet to explain the death of 20 Indian soldiers.





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