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Trump is not right. Injecting disinfectant is not a cure for Coronavirus infection

American President Donald Trump propounded the potentiality of ‘injecting disinfectant’ as a relevant cure for victims infected with coronavirus to counteract the virus and cleanse the lungs during his daily briefing on Thursday. Twitter community debunked the myth in its own style.

Donald Trump, on Thursday in the White House Press Briefing, said that researchers reviewed the effect of disinfectant and ultraviolet light on the virus, and he suggested to inject people with disinfectant and ultraviolet as a remedy. 

Amid the White House press briefing on Thursday, President Donald Trump suggested the idea of injecting disinfectant or using ultraviolet or “very powerful” light inside the body as coronavirus cure. He gave this remark after Bill Bryan, the leader of the Departement of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology division, gave an exclusive presentation on the research conducted that confirms that the virus can’t survive in warmer and high humid temperatures


Bill Bryan said, “The virus can’t survive in sunlight,” which made Mr. Trump wonder whether light could be brought inside the body?

So he said, “Let’s suppose we hit the body with tremendously powerful light or ultraviolet light— I think you said that it hadn’t been checked because of testing.”- NBC News

He wondered and said that “the virus does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it would be interesting to check that.” – NBC News reported

In reality, disinfectants are poisonous elements for the human body and cannot be injected. Just like disinfectants, ultraviolet rays can also damage the DNA in the human body due to the powerful energy that it contains.

This statement from Donald Trump prompted a strong warning from the maker of Lysol and Dettol in combat, “under no circumstances should our products be injected or ingested by any route in the human body.”

Bill Bryan’s slide discussed that commonly used disinfectants such as bleach and isopropyl alcohol could kill the virus. These disinfectants should only be used to kill the coronavirus on surfaces outside the human body, and they are toxic. They must never be injected or ingested.

Let’s see how the world reacted to Trump’s statement in a series of tweets.

Ian Musgrave, a pharmacologist and senior lecturer at the University of Adelaide, Australia, said: “such disinfectants are not meant for internal consumption.” He further added, “things like disinfectants and bleach are very good at killing bacteria and viruses, but they will also kill our own cells.”

He points out that the sole purpose of a drug is to ‘specifically’ target bacteria and viruses without damaging the human body. “But these disinfectants cannot differentiate between viruses and your own cells, and you cannot disinfect your body from the inside.”

Disinfectants such as Household bleach can cause extensive organ damage in the throat and gastrointestinal tract if ingested in high amounts. Musgrave further says this is “incredibly painful and not pleasant.”

According to a study published in the journal Toxicology Observation in 2013, the patient’s blood cells were ripped apart by household bleach, and it required a renal transplant.

WHO’s current advice on UV light lamps is that “they should be used to sterilize hand or any other area of the skin as ultraviolet light like that can damage the skin and has always been a cause for practically all skin cancers

Later on Friday, The Washington Post reported, during a bill signing in the Oval Office, Donald Trump said it was not intended as a serious suggestion, I was asking a question sarcastically to reporters, just to see what would happen?” 

How people reacted to Trump’s comment on being Sarcastic:

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