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UP gangster killed in encounter: Here are 6 key questions it raises

“Up gangster Vikas Dubey killed in an encounter”, this was the headline in all leading Indian dailies today. News channels were beaming the “Breaking News” as you just got ready with your morning cuppa to watch today’s major news.

Police arrested the infamous criminal, accused in killing eight cops and charged in 60 cases, from Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain on Thursday. According to reports, the cops were coming to Kanpur, UP, with Dubey in a car. As the car overturned just an hour from Kanpur, the gangster snatched a cop’s gun and tried to flee. The cops then shot Dubey dead. Now, this is apparently a very simple story. However, the incident gives rise to multiple questions. The questions that are uncomfortable for the country’s ruling party, the Opposition, the police administration and bureaucrats.

Here are six key questions that emerge from Dubey’s death in the encounter that you must know to know beyond what’s simply told, shown or reported

1. Was Dubey’s incident a planned surrender or a genuine arrest?

First thing first. Dubey shared his location with police and therefore, it was not an arrest, rather a planned surrender says a report by India Today. Apparently, the gangster was scared being killed in an encounter and therefore, he chose a place like a temple to get arrested. Now the question is if he really surrendered, why would he then try to escape from cop custody after the car that was ferrying him to Kanpur overturned? So is this statement by police that Dubey was killed while he attempted to flee true?

2. How did Dubey reach Ujjain amid high alert in three states?

This is a major question, how did Dubey reach Ujjain from UP when police in three states were on high alert just to nab him? Dubey traveled to Faridabad from Kanpur after police raided and demolished his house. He then moved to Ujjain giving a slip to cops. How did he manage to travel hundreds of kilometres by road? Did anyone help Dubey to do this?

India gangster Vikas Dubey from UP
Vikas Dubey in police custody at Mahakal temple on Thursday. Photo: DD News

3. The Kanpur ambush happened on July 3 and Dubey was arrested on July 9, where was he all this while?

The Kanpur ambush took place on July 3 when Dubey’s men opened fire at a team of police when they neared the gangster’s residence in order to arrest him. Since that day police launched a manhunt and sounded high alert in three states. But still, Dubey managed to flee and was finally nabbed on Thursday. So where was he for six days? Did anyone give him shelter and vehicles to evade arrest?

4. After giving a wild goose chase to cops, why would the gangster visit a temple knowing he could be held any time?

According to the police’s statement, Dubey was arrested from the Mahakal temple. Though the Madhya Pradesh home minister didn’t confirm whether the criminal was nabbed from the temple premises or outside. The police said Dubey came to the temple for prayers and started shouting “Main Vikas Dubey hun” (I am Vikas Dubey) after reaching the temple. Hearing him shouting, a temple security guard alerted the police. Isn’t it too flimsy an explanation? Why would a gangster, who’s giving a wild goose chance to police for days and months, do that? There are hundreds of pictures and videos of Dubey inside the temple and also outside. Does it mean the media were tipped off about the “surrender”?

5. How come a cop predicted that Dubey may not reach Kanpur after his arrest?

Soon after Dubey’s encounter, a shocking video of a Madhya Pradesh policeman has gone viral where he is claiming that, “I hope he (Dubey) doesn’t reach Kanpur”. On being asked by his colleague what time the gangster would reach Kanpur, the cop answers that. This video raises the very authenticity of the “encounter”.

6. Did Dubey change the vehicle on way to Kanpur?

Some reports claim that Dubey was seen in a different car than the one that overturned on its way to Kanpur from Ujjain. Dubey was traveling in a safari car and the one that overturned was TUV300 SUV, said a report by Times Now.

When asked whether the gangster was shifted to another car midway, the police declined to answer, the report added. Therefore, many consider this encounter as a “fake” one.

And common people like us ask the most vital question in this entire episode: Was Dubey killed (read silenced) as he could have revealed a lot of political muck?

The rise and fall of this notorious gangster is like a deja vu for us. The irony is that common people are not bothered about this “encounter”, as if we knew it would happen. Even Dubey’s mother predicted so. The extra-judicial killings have been going on for ages at the whims and fancies of political parties. The police are their puppets. Another report rightly points out how hundreds of young men and women in Punjab were killed extra-judicially during the militancy period in the state. Many states right from Kashmir, Manipur or Gujarat have witnessed such killings.

With no sympathy to the criminal, it is honest to say that the wrongdoers are omitted from the scene when they become “too dangerous” for political parties. Though, the very parties utilize a gangster’s clout, weaponry and machismo to reap benefits. It is a deal settled mutually. However, such “encounters” are cold-blooded murders to save political interest and therefore, they are a gross violation of the Constitutional beliefs.


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