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‘BreathPrint’ can print your peptic ulcer

Scientific researchers from S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences in Kolkata found a way to detect the bacteria causing peptic ulcer by using the biomarker ‘BreathPrint’ that can be found in breath.

How do BreathPrint works?

The team from the Department of Science and Technology of SNBNC noticed the biomarker for early diagnosis of helicobacter pylori in semi-heavy water that is exhaled during the human breath.

Helicobacter pylori are mainly responsible for the stomach infection and it may turn serious if not treated early. So, the researchers of SNBNC study on the different water molecular species that come along during human exhalation.

The study is also known as ‘Breathomics’ where these scientists research and explore these water isotopes and the peptic ulcer should not be treated through the traditional procedure including invasive endoscopy and biopsy tests.

As per the researchers, the gastrointestinal (GI) tract is the most crucial place which can trace the various abnormalities due to the unusual water absorption.

Any kind of unusual water absorption may show the various gastric disorders like ulcer, gastritis, erosions, and inflammations, though the scientists do not have any proof to support this statement.

Why BreathPrint is beneficial?

The type of isotopes in the water vapour that human body exhales is directly linked with the gastrointestinal problems during the human respiration procedure.

BreathPrint will be able to trace by studying the droplets of water that comes through the exhalation of breath. It is easier to detect and quicker to treat.

The team has already established a device, Pyro-breath which got patented too, but yet to transfer technologically.

This device is developed to diagnose various gastrointestinal disorders and also, Helicobacter pylori infection. This whole experimental work is funded by the Technical Research Centre and it is supported by the Department of Science and Technology.

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