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Monday, April 12, 2021

Can sunlight fight against the Coronavirus?

Scientists and researchers from the Queen Mary University of London, funded by Barts Charity, are conducting a trial test to see if Vitamin D that comes from sunlight.

It can help in combatting with the coronavirus. Vitamin D helps in boosting the immune system.

The aim of the trial test

The main motto of the trial is not to restrict the virus or end the effect of the virus, rather the aim is to boost people’s immunity power and to improve health.

Now, the scientists are in search of the participants. Once the people start participating, they will be on a vitamin D dosage for six months if they show ‘sunshine vitamin’ deficiency through a ‘finger-prick-test’.

Sunshine-vitamin deficiency

Sunlight helps in boosting the immune system and in strengthening our bones. Because of the lockdown, people are working from home, which is leading them towards a deficiency of the sunshine vitamin.

The scientists said that vitamin D deficiency is more visible in overweight, black, and older people. They are on an edge of high risk.

Thus, the researchers are having faith in this trial as this might give a promising answer to the question, “whether Vitamin D can fight against COVID-19?”

Can Vitamin D treat COVID-19?

The participants of this trial will be given higher doses of Vitamin D than regular supplements. There is no risk in taking a high dosage of vitamin D, but if you take more than what you have been recommended that it might become dangerous in upcoming days.

The researchers believe that sunshine vitamin will be significantly effective in fighting against the virus worldwide. It has a low cost that makes it more accessible to everyone.

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