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Chai Lovers Gets Baffled After Watching The Viral Video Of ‘Butter Chai’

Netizens just can't help themselves after watching the viral video of 'Butter chai' and started reacting to it. Check it out

Tea is like ‘amrit’ for Indians. We have more than 10 different variations of Tea. Such as plain milk tea, masala tea, rose tea, black tea, ginger tea, chocolate tea, lemon-grass tea, and many more. But this recent viral video of butter tea was something out of the blue. In the video, you can see the man who is making the tea puts an entire salty butter pack in the boiling tea.


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The video was shared by foodieagraaaaa, an Instagram page and it was shot at Baba Tea Stall that is situated in Agra.

So just to add a pinch of general knowledge in the context, Butter chai is popularly known as the Po Cha and it is a popular beverage in Kashmir, Bhutan, and Tibet. So it was not an overnight recipe or a new Instagram trend like the Dalgona coffee.

Well, it tastes like a milky soup with a strong salty flavor. Butter chai is also loaded with health benefits like increasing energy levels, moisturizing the skin, warming the body, aiding digestion, boosting heart health, improving cognitive function, suppressing appetite, and preventing dehydration.

However, the viral sensation didn’t really go well with the taste buds of traditional chai lovers and in no time netizens started reacting on the same.

Have a look:

We tried this ‘Butter chai’ and we kinda liked it! Let us know in the comment section what’s your opinion on it.

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