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Real-Madrid on the verge of a group stage exit for the fist time.

UEFA Champions league stage reaches at a final leg, with nine teams already through to the last-16 with unclear fates of many teams.

UEFA Champions league stage reaches at a final leg, with nine teams already through to the last-16 leaving seven spots still available for the clubs all around Europe, including 13-time champions Real Madrid, along with three-time champions Inter-Milan and Manchester United, three-times finalists Atletico Madrid, and last year’s team Paris Saint-Germain, that made it to the finals.

Looking into all the scenarios from all the groups, let’s find where things are after the five-day matches in European football’s premier club:


The qualified Champions League’s last 16 are from groups:

Bayern Munich: Group A

Manchester City, Porto: Group C

Liverpool: Group D

Chelsea, Sevilla: Group E

Borussia Dortmund: Group F

Barcelona Juventus: Group G


Groups still in contention for a place in the Round of 16:

Atlético, Salzburg: Group A

Mönchengladbach, Shakhtar, Real Madrid, Inter: Group B

Atalanta, Ajax : Group D

Lazio, Club Brugge: Group F

Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, Leipzig : Group H


Playing the Europa League Round of 32 and assured to finish 3rd:

Krasnodar: Group E




Teams that won’t make it to the last-16 Champions League:

Locomotiv Moskva: Group A

Olympiacos, Marseille: Group C

Midtjylland: Group D

Rennes: Group E

Zenit: Group F

Dynamo Kyiv, Ferencvaros: Group G

Istanbul Basaksehir: Group H


Teams in group A: Bayern (13 points) vs Lokomotiv Moscow (3 points), Salzburg (4 points) vs Atletico Madrid (6 points)

Bayern Munich being the defending champions is already through to the last-16 and even if there is a surprise win for Locomotiv Moscow, they won’t be moving forward. But it is possible for the Russian club to play in the Europa League, if they finish third, provided if Salzburg didn’t beat Atletico Madrid. A draw match would be enough to progress for the Spaniards and for Salzburg, it is necessary to win.

Teams from group B: Real Madrid (7) vs Borussia Mönchengladbach (8), Inter (5) vs Shakhtar (7)

All four teams can progress in this group, it is surprising to see it has come to this point in a group of Real Madrid and Inter Milan. Real Madrid, led by Zinedine Zidane, is on the edge of upsetting if they don’t progress, never having failed to move past the group stage in Champions League history for 25 years, now has a great responsibility. Before losing in the round of 16 of the previous seasons, Madrid had reached the semi-finals at least for eight seasons straight, winning the title four times during that period.

Real Madrid and Shakhtar Donetsk have 7 points each, while Borussia Mönchengladbach tops the table with 8 points and Inter Milan stayed in connection with a win on the last day of the match moving to five points.

Shakhtar will progress with a win even if both teams end up in a draw at San Siro. Shakhtar can top the group with a win, also, if Mönchengladbach did not get all the 3 points. If Madrid didn’t lose, the Ukrainian club can finish fourth if they lose.

There are multiple scenarios for Real Madrid. If they beat Mönchengladbach and draw, then Shakhtar loses to Inter. Real Madrid can be at the top of the group if Madrid wins and Shakhtar doesn’t.

“We’re going through a bit of a tough spell lately,” Zidane said after the win at Sevilla on the weekend. “The recent days have been difficult, (but) this team is full of character. It thrives on challenges and this win is hugely important for what is to come.”

Teams in Group C: Olympiacos (3) vs Porto (10), Manchester City (13) vs Marseille (3)

Man-City and Porto have assured a place in the next round as runners-up and group winners respectively. The need for better results than others is Olympiacos and Marseille if they want to move to the Europa League.

Teams in Group D: Ajax (7) vs Atalanta (8), Midtjylland (1) vs Liverpool (12)

It is between Ajax and Atalanta for the other entry from this group, whereas Liverpool is already through. Atalanta will only progress if they manage to dodge a loss and Ajax can progress with a match win.

Teams in Group E: Chelsea (13 points) vs Krasnodar (4), Rennes (1) vs Sevilla (10)

Chelsea is through to the last-16 with four wins and draws. Last year’s Europa League winner Sevilla is joining Chelsea from Group E. Krasnodar are confirmed to finish third and head to the Europa League with Rennes coming fourth.

Teams in Group F: Lazio (9) vs Club Brugge (7), Zenit (1) vs Dortmund (10)

Borussia Dortmund is already in the last 16 and a win can put at the top of the group, or if both games are drawn of if Lazio loses to Brugge. If Lazio avoids defeat by Club Brugge they can progress and top the table if they win and Dortmund doesn’t, or even if Lazio draws and Dortmund loses. It is simple for club Brugge, they have to win in order to progress. Now, Zenit is only playing for pride and their only point coming after a draw with Lazio.

Teams in Group G: Barcelona (15) vs Juventus (12), Dynamo Kyiv (1) vs Ferencváros (1)

The marquee player clash was missing in the first leg due to Cristiano Ronaldo being tested positive for COVID-19, but at last, it is Ronaldo vs Messi. Both Barcelona and Juventus are through to the last-16 but there are chances that the Italians might overtake the top spot with a comprehensive win of three or more goals or a two-goal margin which is other than 2-0. Dynamo Kyiv and Ferencvaros are up to a face-off in the Europa League.

Teams in Group H: Paris Saint-Germain (9) vs İstanbul Başakşehir (3), Leipzig (9) vs Manchester United (9)

This group is very open, similar to group B, going into the last game. Paris Saint-Germain, Leipzig, and Manchester United all hold nine points. Paris Saint-Germain is expected to win and settle in one of the two qualification places from this group against Istanbul are destined to finish bottom.

Manchester United should avoid a loss at Leipzig to progress and can top the group if they avoid and defeat and Paris Saint-Germain don’t beat Başakşehir. Leipzig can progress with a win, or if it results in a draw, and Paris Saint-Germain loses to Başakşehir.

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