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Homeless Boy Ankit from UP abandoned by mom and father in jail, lives with his Dog

This homeless boy's photo from Muzaffarnagar was clicked by a local photojournalist who was passing by and uploaded it on social media.

Ankit is a homeless boy from Muzaffarnagar who sleeps on the footpath with his only friend Danny, a dog who is always with him. This poor soul has no memory of where he belongs, except knowing that his father is in jail and being abandoned by his mother. He knows no one and has been making his survival by selling balloons or by working at tea stalls. Ankit’s life has been the same for several years and whatever he earns during the day, he spends it feeding himself and his companion, Danny.

This picture of a homeless boy from Muzaffarnagar and his dog was clicked sleeping in a single blanket outside a closed shop a fortnight ago, and that went viral. The administration had been trying to find this boy since then until Monday morning they found Ankit and Danny.

9-year-old Ankit is now under the police care in Muzaffarnagar, after SSP Abhishek Yadav had appointed a police team in search of Ankit many days ago.

People took to twitter, expressing their concerns and support towards Ankit and Danny with lots of love and affection.

Ankit’s dog Danny never leaves his side, said the tea stall owner where he worked many times. “The dog would be sitting in a corner as the boy worked here. Ankit is self-respecting and would never take anything for free, not even milk for his dog.”

Ankit’s photo was clicked by a local photojournalist who was passing by and uploaded it on social media where it went viral. “Now, he is under the care of Muzaffarnagar police. We are trying to trace his loved ones and his pictures were sent to various police stations in the adjoining districts. We have also alerted the district women and child welfare department,” Muzaffarnagar SSP Abhishek Yadav said.

For now, Ankit will live with Sheela Devi who is a friendly local woman Ankit is acquainted with and calls her “Bi”, and study in a private school until the police are certain about his whereabouts. Free education is agreed for him after a request was placed to the school management by the local police.

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