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Monday, April 12, 2021

IPS Tejaswi Gautam’s creative strategy to fight against the pandemic

IPS officer Tejaswi Gautam is now stationed, as an SP of Churu district, Rajasthan, though her dream was to become an IAS officer.

Recently, amidst the COVID pandemic, her name is surfing on social media platforms because of implementing her creative strategy to patrol over the people of Rajasthan and ensure the lockdown phase.

Tejaswi Gautam, a woman IPS officer

In a male-dominated society, if a woman acquires the position the same as a male officer, then she is referred to as a lady officer whereas, it should not get tagged under the gender category.

She always wanted to be an IAS officer. So when she studied UPSC, she simultaneously took up LAW. Apart from the academics, this IPS officer was a thespian during her college days, and that helped to bloom her creative mind.

She believes that street theatre has great potential to reach out to a large number of people.

It can be a way of portraying societal issues in an entertaining manner, which the actors or stage artists cannot do due to several reasons. Street play and theatre artists hold great power in connecting with the live audience.

Handling the COVID-19 situation, creatively 

During the lockdown period, it was essential to keep people at their houses. There were two Cs: coercion or compassion, but IPS Tejaswi Gautam chose creation. She tried to engage people in various creative methods.

She started running live sessions of celebrities who are associated with film, music, theatre, yoga, sports, and other spheres too. They all came live from 5 pm to 7 pm and spoke to motivate the spirits of the people.

They talked about sensitive issues, and people listened to it. The record of the average viewership of the sessions 20,000-30,000 daily. Churu police station also has considered taking requests from the viewers.

Mera Churu, Mera Farz

Another innovative campaign that has launched under IPS Gautam, ‘Mera Churu, Mera Farz’ focuses on not to let anyone sleep hungry. Because of these initiatives, a lot of active COVID-19 cases have recovered.

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