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Kangana Asks Diljit and Priyanka, Ye Konsi Niti Kar Rahe Hai?

Kangana Ranaut recently uploaded a video on her Twitter where she is asking Diljit and Priyanka, Ye Konsi Niti Kar Rahe Hai

Kangana Ranaut in her recent video, claims that the farmers’ protest was politically motivated. She started off by saying, “I had promised you guys that once the reality of the farmers’ protest is exposed just like Shaheen Bagh, I’ll speak on this topic to you.”

She also mentioned that due to the recent debates with her Twitter buddies she had to suffer from emotional as well as mental lynching. Kangana Ranaut further said that this online lynching had gone so far that she received rape and death threats.

However, after praising Prime Minister Modi (not a new thing) she narrated her personal experience of growing up in Punjab. She said, “I have studied in Punjab my schooling is from Punjab, I was bought up in Punjab. I know 99.9% of people in Punjab don’t want Khalistan.”

Kangana mentioned that she doesn’t have any grudge against terrorists because their mentality is to destroy things. But instead, she started questioning the ‘masum log’ (innocent people). She asked, “How can you people dance on their fingers.”

The most interesting part of the video was when she started sympathizing with the same shaheen bhag dadi. The same dadi to whom Kangana had claimed that she was available for 100 Rs. Further, she also questioned the female farmer who she had accused of being the same Shaheen Bhag dadi. She said, “What is happening in our country, some old lady from Punjab is abusing me and trying to save her land from the government.

Well, of course, she did mention Diljit Dosanjh and Priyanka Chopra in the end asking them what political game are they playing.

Watch the video here:

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