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Friday, April 16, 2021

Kangana spreading ‘false news’ that Shaheen Bagh Dadi was one of the protesters in the farmers’ rally!

Once again, actress Kangana Ranaut has managed to pull off a stunt by falsely claiming that Shaheen Bagh Dadi was one of the protesters in the farmers’ rally!. Kangana recently tweeted about an old lady who was a part of the ongoing farmers’ protest. But, after checking her own facts she deleted her tweet.

In the deleted post, She wrote that one of the protestors who is getting popular with the name of ‘Shaheen Bagh Dadi’ and her real name is Bikis. or those who don’t know about Shaheen Bagh Dadi, she is an 82-year-old Bilkis Bano who became the face of the CAA-NRC protests.

Kangana quote-tweeted the same and wrote, “Ha ha ha she is the same dadi who featured in Time magazine for being the most powerful Indian…. And she is available in 100 rupees. Pakistani jurno’s have hijacked international PR for India in an embarrassing way. We need our own people to speak for us internationally.”

Later when she deleted her tweet it was clearly an indication of ‘fact check’. But to our surprise, it can be the first time Kangana deleted her own tweets. As you all know false information spreads like a wildfire and even though she had deleted her tweets netizens managed to take the screenshots and make it viral.

Check it out here:

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