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Monday, April 12, 2021

Mahima Bhalotia’s initiative helps senior citizens to become tech-savvy

Mahima Bhalotia, a young socialpreneur hailed from Maharashtra, Mumbai, has started a project, Social Pathshaala, amidst the coronavirus phase to empower the senior citizens digitally. She started this initiative after she lost her job during the pandemic.


What is Social Pathshaala?


Social Pathshaala is an initiative where Mahima takes virtual online sessions to teach the elderly how to use their smartphones.


Book their cabs, order their food, pay their bills, open their social media accounts, and even how to click selfies on their own. These sessions are held on Sundays from 11 am to 12:30 pm for Rs 99 per session.


How the idea of the initiative grew?


She had the plan to start this project even before the coronavirus situation when her boss mentioned about his mother not being able to book a cab. But, because she was occupied with work, she couldn’t nurture this idea and execute it.


When the pandemic hit the nation, and everybody was confined in their homes. The senior citizens felt more helpless due to the lack of their technical knowledge. They were not able to buy any groceries or medicines or pay their bills. With every session, they started to learn tech-savvy terms.


Mahima has to face a lot of challenges in executing her initiative. She has to keep her patience in control and has to solve every question of the senior citizens. 


The situation of the senior citizens


According to a survey conducted by HelpAge India, an NGO before coronavirus attacked the nation, 60% of the senior citizens felt their children don’t have time for them to help them with their critical technological problems.


Around 47% of the elderly learned to use technological tools on their own and the rest 25% were taught by their sons and 18% by their daughters.


The reports showed that these elderly people are eager to learn how to pay their bills online, or how to book a cab, or how to operate various video calling or other applications.

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