Podcast: How to start a bank and how not to run it. Learn from Yes Bank

Rana Kapoor of Yes Bank

If you want to learn how not to run a bank, you have one person to learn from. It’s Rana Kapoor who is the former CEO and Chairman of Yes Bank which went bust during early March of this year. A series of loans issued by Yes Bank during his tenure turned to Non Performing Assets, Kapoor allegedly resorted to money laundering. He was stuffing cash into his family businesses through a series of shell companies where his wife Bindu Kapoor, or his three daughters, Radha Kapoor Khanna, Rakhee Kapoor Tandon and Roshini Kapoor, were directors.

If you take the entire journey of Rana Kapoor from the days he started his career at Bank of America until he got busted by the Enforcement Department, his life, accomplishments, downfall, his greed and how he finally turned to be an alleged money launderer is nothing short of a classic crime thriller movie plot. 

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