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Pariksha Pe Charcha: 10 useful tips PM Modi offered to motivate students

Pariksha Pe Charcha was held virtually this year due to the constraints brought in by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's what the Prime Minister told students and parents

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday interacted with students, teachers and parents as a part of the Pariksha Pe Charcha event. This year’s Pariksha Pe Charcha was the fourth edition of the event that takes place every year physically. This year, the event was being held virtually in an online mode due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Over 13 lakh registrations took place for the programme. For the first time, the event was global and entries were invited from all across the world. Students, parents, teachers had been given a chance to discuss their fears, aspirations, concerns, and suggestions with PM Modi. Here’s are 10 useful tips PM Modi offered to motivate students during these unprecedented times.

As a part of the programme, PM Modi answered the questions of students on how they can beat exam stress. Along with this he also shared tips on how to perform well in the upcoming board exams.

1. Stay connected with your children and try to understand and listen to them, PM Modi told parents
Prime Minister Narendra Modi told parents across the country to work towards reducing the generation gap between them and their children. He suggested they should stay connected with their children and listen to them and try to understand them. And this, in turn, will be helpful for both parents and their children.

2. The pandemic has united families
A student from Ahmedabad, during the event, asked how should students remember the pandemic year. Modi answered, “students have faced big difficulty during their childhood. School is a place to interact with teachers, friends and a place to make memories. You must be missing pre coronavirus life. The best thing about this one year is to realise who all are important to you. Nothing should be taken for granted. We have also got a chance to understand our family better. Corona time has united families.”

3. PM Modi’s tips on how to approach the exam paper
“Students should remain calm while attempting their question paper. One should leave stress outside the examination hall. This way, students will be able to attempt their exams in a better way,” he said.

4. PM Modi provided tips on how to improve memory to perform better in exams
“Students should learn to associate themselves with what they are reading to improve their memory. It is imperative for students to visualise when they are reading a subject so that they can internalise it,” he added.

5. How to motivate students to eat traditional food?
Amrita Jain, a parent from Mordadabad asked students don’t eat what their parents pack for tiffin. Modi said “we should talk about the speciality of traditional food. Every family member should know how we prepare food, ingredients and time taken. Nowadays, there is so much information about food. We can prepare a game. The family doctor should discuss what to eat, hereditary disorders in the family. Also discuss with teachers how through an interesting way they can tell students the benefits of the lunch box.”

6. PM Modi’s advice to students on what to do in their leisure
“When you earn free time you value it the most. During studies when you get free time you should use it to increase their curiosity towards doing productive things. But stay away from such activities which can waste all your time. In free time sports, music, painting etc are good ways of expressing your emotions in a positive manner,” he said.

7. PM gave an example of well-known singer Lata Mangeshkar, who had said ‘attempt difficulty first’
PM Modi: “Teachers and parents tell us to attempt things or questions that are easy. However, with education, this suggestion is not right. In fact, the first attempt difficult as your mind is fresh. When I was a chief minister, I also learned things. I started my day discussing difficult things. Those who are successful are not good in all subjects but they have a stronghold in one subject.”

8. Exams are not the end of your life
“You are not scared of exams. You are scared of the pressure environment that is created around you. I want to tell parents not to do so. This is not the last stage of life. Life is long…there are phases. And this is just a phase. We shouldn’t pressurise students,” PM Modi stated.

9. Mugging up is not the key to success
“Stop thinking that your memory is average. You learned your mother tongue naturally because the things that become a part of you are never forgotten. You must not concentrate on mugging but internalising the things.”

10. Sharing his own example PM Modi added, “I like to take on tough tasks in the morning. Students too should take on difficult subjects in the morning when they are fresh rather than running away from such subjects and keep them for later.”

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