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Friday, April 16, 2021

PM Modi Gives 2021 Mantra: ‘Dawai Bhi, Kadai Bhi’

PM Modi also said that India is emerging as the nerve centre of global health and in 2021, India's role in healthcare will be strengthened.

On Thursday, 31 December, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that while India is preparing to run the world’s largest vaccination program in the next year, being cautious against the virus is equally important and should not be taken casually.

Speaking at the foundation-stone laying ceremony of a new All India Institue of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) at Rajkot in Gujarat via videoconferencing, PM Modi said that mantra for 2020 was ‘Swasth hi sampada hai’ (health is everything), the mantra for the new year should be ‘dawai bhi, kadaai bhi’ (vaccination with caution).

“The number of new cases of COVID19 infection in the country are decreasing now. We are preparing to run the world’s largest vaccination program in the next year,” he said, as quoted by ANI.

“’Swastha hi sampada hai’, the year 2020 has taught us this well. It has been a year full of challenges,” he added.

PM Modi also mentioned that India is emerging as the nerve centre of global health and that in 2021, India’s role in healthcare will be more strengthened.

“Earlier, I said, ‘Dawai nahi toh dheelai nahi’. Now, I am saying ‘Dawai bhi aur kadaai (caution) bhi’. Our mantra for the year 2021 is ‘Dawai bhi aur kadaai bhi’,” PM Modi said.

‘Stay Away from Rumours Against Vaccination’

Pointing at the Opposition, PM Modi said that ‘rumors’ are being spread in the country lately way too quickly.

“In our country, rumours spread quickly. Different people for their personal gains or due to irresponsible behaviour spread various rumours. Maybe rumours will be spread when vaccination begins, some have already begun,” he said.

“I appeal to the people of the country that fight against COVID-19 is the one against an unknown enemy. Be careful about such rumours and as responsible citizens refrain from forwarding messages on social media without checking,” PM Modi said, as quoted by ANI.

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